Saw a Gucci at TJ Maxx!?

  1. Hi everyone, I'm new to Gucci, but have been seriously contemplating getting one lately. My DH and I were out shopping today and we popped over to TJ Maxx and I saw a Gucci Horsebit Hobo and it was only $250. Could that be? My first instinct was that it was a fake, since I've never seen Gucci's at TJ Maxx before (and I shop there a lot!). Has anyone else seen them there and are they authentic? Just curious for future reference since I can't yet decifer the authentic vs. the fakes.
  2. I am in the UK and we have TK MAXX, and yes I have seen 2 Gucci bags in our local store. In fact I brought both and sold to friends they were about 4 seasons old. And last week there were gorgeous Chloe dresses for £30.00.
    I would have brought it and we can check on here you can always return it- safer than eBay!
  3. I saw a pair of size 5 gucci loaphers in TJmaxx a couple years ago.
  4. You should have bought it and post pictures here so we can take a look for you!
  5. That would have been a classic pic to see a Gucci bag with a Tjmaxx tag on it. You could use that as a signature pic or something.
  6. I bought a pair of Gucci sunnies at TJMaxx about 4 years ago!
  7. I can't tell you how much I'm kicking myself in the butt right now for not buying it!!! I picked it up, took a look at it and threw it on my shoulder. It was a tight fit and that's why I put it down. I actually ended up calling them last night to see if they still had it but it was gone. My DH said that we should drive down there anyway to just take a look, so we did, and it was no where to be found! Wow, the Gucci that got away!!! I've definitely learned a lesson from this...I can always return it, so buy it when I see it!!!! DAMN!!!!:crybaby:
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  8. aw don't worry about it... like you said, it was a tight fit on your shoulder, you might find something else you like more for that money. I mean that was definitely a good deal on a Gucci but look at the bright side... that's still a good amount of money to put towards a bag you are looking into buying next!

    And I never even knew Gucci was at TJ Maxx... I never find anything like that there!
  9. designermummy which tk maxx did u see da chloe dress plz?
  10. Well sunnies i've seen....however seeing handbags at TJ is a whole different thing...
  11. Thing is don't worry about the loss. First of all the bag was too small for you. Second, the bag was probably like 4-5 years old and discounted at about 55% or so. You're better off going to a gucci presale and buying a bag for 40% off that's from the current season.

    No loss here so don't feel so hung up about it.
  12. thanks for pointing it our that TJ MAXX has gucci sometimes!! now that there is one around my area i can stop by to check it out!!
  13. OMG!!!!! I can't believe your Tj's had Gucci. Mine never has really good stuff like that and I have quite a few to choose from.
    I did get a pair of Gucci glasses a few years back but I thought it was a flook as I've never seen Gucci anything there again.
  14. um what is DH?
  15. yes, handbags in tjmaxx.. major issue, oh no no no.. So are they real real gucci bags though? (sorry for asking)