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  1. ...was pulled off by Vlad :confused1: It's the one on your bad experiences with Hermes SAs. I felt we could have fairly given everyone an idea of our own bad experiences, without giving off names. Vlad says "bashing SAs is not something that this forum condones..." but how come bashing eBay resellers is???

    I've seen thousands of threads here where people have no qualms bashing eBay resellers without giving benefit of doubt to those unsuspecting sellers too. So why this double standard? Any thoughts? :yes:

    And before Vlad pulls off this thread too, it would be great if this forum is a fair level field for EVERYBODY :yes:
  2. I totally agree with Vlad, in fact I think that entire thread should be pulled, not only closed.

    It's not unheard of that SAs lose their jobs or experience severe repercussions because something has been said about them on a public forum. We're talking people here, we're talking people's lives.

    If anybody has any problem with the way he/she has been treated by a particular SA or by an Hermes store, it's an issue to take up directly with the manager or with Hermes corporate, but it doesn't belong on a public forum IMO.
  3. Hi hello-

    Agree with everthing you've written but I would appreciate a thread where people mention positive SA experiences. Perhaps it should be a thread where another poster can't respond positively or negatively to what the OP writes. It would be nice to know who the good SAs are.

  4. TV I totally agree. Positive experiences should be mentioned. Public praise I can relate to, public bashing I can't.
  5. This is my personal opinion......
    I beleive that Vlad has NO problems with positive experiences.I beleive the issue was NAMING the Individual SA in a thread on the Internet ...and the liability factor of slandering someone.
    Rules were NOT being followed.
    Lets not add to these issues by starting more threads like ones closed.Hate to see the Hermes forum closing down again cuz someone doesnt like what they hear.
    My personal opinion is that when you are GUESTS in someones house(EX:THE PF) abide by THEIR rules..PERIOD.
  6. It would be great to have a thread where we share our positive experiences. I am very grateful for my PF SA recommendations- I think it's made my shopping experience very positive.
  7. Hi!

    I don't want to speak for either Vlad or Megs, the owners of this forum. However, tPF has rules, and members agree to abide by them when registering. Jill mentioned the issue was that someone actually named an SA. Hello2703 is right - naming an SA on a public forum could negatively affect his/her job.

    There is no need to start a thread like this in public, and add to this particular issue. Thanks!
  8. That's the thing I have issue with Vlad pulling it off - that thread had LOTS of people mentioning their positive experiences with SAs and stores and many recommendations too :yes: I thought that was a great thing!
  9. Exactly why V;ad should also pull off those threads where eBay resellers are named and bashed. This is what is not done - though mind you - I am not a reseller - just wanted to have a truly level playing field for everybody. Fair is fair right?

  10. What Vlad and Megs decide to do with their forum is their right, and their decision. Like I said - when you register to post on tPF, you agree to following the rules, which are set by none other than (!!!) :wtf: the owners of the forum.

    If you feel a post is offensive and should be edited/removed, feel free to use the "report post" function. All the moderators are sent an email about that particular post, and you, the post reporter, are allowed to mention why this post should be examined.

    Thanks! ;)
  11. This forum belongs to all of us, but Vlad sets the rules. My thoughts: if you don't like his rules then either privately discuss them with him via PM as you would do in a face-to-face conference with your boss/manager/supervisor or you go somewhere else where board policies allow you to do as you wish.
    There are plenty of boards/forums that have rules that I don't like. When I don't like them, I go somewhere else.
    I hope this in no way is taken mean-spirited because it is not being said in that manner.
    I ahve given good service to customers and at times, bad service. When I have given bad service, I heard about it and I appreciated it. It made me better. At the same time when I am given good service, I let the SA know about it and I let their manager know about it as well.
    Good luck.
  12. Obviously this is not up for discussion. Vlad pulled the thread because he felt it was the right thing to do. In my opinion, you pushing this, is counter-productive. Vlad/Megs try very hard to make this forum fair for all users. You should just accept and respect their decision. That is in the best interests of this forum and its members. :flowers:
  13. Erm if everybody would be so kind as to go back to my original post at the top of the page, and read that again please, you will see that my thread is about ebay resellers, and to ask Vlad to pull those threads bashing resellers.

    NOT about Vlad pulling off somebody's old thread about SAs or whether or not that thread should have been pulled. I never said that thread shouldn't be pulled?

    I'm saying <yay> those sort of threads SHOULD be pulled - including those where people bash unsuspecting resellers without giving them a chance to speak for themselves. And mind you I'm not a reseller :smile:

    So Selena and Cristina, I think you've gone way off base in your understanding of my original post and have taken me very badly out of context :crybaby: I am saying - if resellers are not here to defend themselves, and people bash them in this forum unfairly, then Vlad should pull those too.

    OK?? Peace. :heart:
  14. I didnt misunderstand. :smile:
  15. It seems like you didn't effectively communicate your thought . . . weird how it's everyone else that isn't getting your point :wacko:

    YOU said
    that little confused smiley you chose indicates you don't understand why Vlad pulled the thread. That thread NAMED PEOPLE.
    You're complaining but agreeing?:confused1:

    Next you comment:
    You CAN. But that thread didn't follow the rules, IT NAMED PEOPLE. At least the closed one I saw named people.

    I agree, people who don't dig the rules here may want to start up their own perfect idea of a purse forum, or to be honest, PM Vlad about it since it's his Forum.
    To suggest a "fair playing field" suggest we are not fair, and we work VERY hard behind the scenes to maintain this joint and fair we ARE! :yes:

    Sorry, it's just hard to hear people publicly complaining here when all we do is try and make people happy and maintain a happy and fair venue for you.
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