Saw A gold snake skin clutch

  1. I saw a gold snake skin know clutch today !! I am not sure if I should get it .. if I get it this will be the first ever BV for me.. but I think is totally worth it for the price it is selling !! but what put me off is .. I am a little scared of snake.. so.. I was relectant to touch it at first !! I have it on hold till the morning.. em... what should I do ??
  2. Are you referring to this knot clutch? If so i absolutely adore it. :heart: I saw it at the BV NYC store a month ago and fell in love. I think it's a great price as other skin knot clutches are priced so much higher. :tup: It's available in Ferro as well. I'm tempted to purchase full-price but may have to wait awhile as I just splurged on a chanel red flap.
  3. yea this is the one that I am talking abt it is absolutely gorgegous.. em.. I never fall for something snake .. this is the first :smile:
  4. It is gorgerous!
  5. I love the clutch. From far, it won't even look like snake. and i adore goldish metallic leather; it's going to last you forever and will never go out of style. I think you should go for it.
  6. That is such a gorgeous bag! I would go for it.