Saw a girl carrying the Speedy 35 at a salon & it looked really good (ro)

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  1. on her. Up until then, I've only seen the 35 @ the LV boutique, and the SA said it would look ridiculous as a handbag (for anyone).

    The girl at the salon was tall, 5'10" maybe, and the bag looked so good on her. She must have put something at the bottom because her bag wasn't saggy, which I like. And the handles of her bag was a nice honey color.

    Anyway, it made me want to get a Speedy & I'm so not a Speedy person, lol.
  2. I'm thinking of getting the Speedy 35...I LOVE big bags. I have 7 Speedy's (all 30's) and think I'm "needing" this one too! ;P

    I'm going to LV on Wed of next week.......hoping to love it and be bringing it home with me! :graucho:
  3. funny ..yeah that is big and i def love when a speedy dont sag
  4. :wtf: Definitely not true! It's such a roomy bag and doesn't strain the bag as much IMO (I have seen people cram so much stuff in their 25/30 it looks like the bag will burst). I too have tried on the 25/30 and the size looks ridiculous on me, the 35 was a perfect match :yes:

  5. LOL I'm 5'10" and carry a mono speedy 35 too...I love it!!!!:yes:
  6. I really recommend the size, especially if you're a bit on the tall side - but then height doesnt matter that much, more on proportion I guess. 25 and 30 looks ridiculous on me..
  7. i saw one today too! the lady was about 5'8 or 5'9 i'm not too sure. anyways, the bag looked really great on her!
  8. Am I the only one that LIKES the sag of the speedy??
  9. I love the 35! and I'm only 5'4". But of course, I love huge bags. I carry my Multipli-Cite every day.
  10. i love my speedy 35!!!
  11. i love the shape of the speedy, i think you should get it!
  12. I'm in the 35 club too and LOVE IT! :smile:
  13. I love the speedy 35 its a great size if you are taller.. its a nice bag for travel too..sometimes I think we know lots more than the LV S.A.'s.. they love to say that is a suitcase .. ugh..
  14. i never thought about the 35... i do really have to see it in the will hold A4-papers and documents...i'm not sure if they go into a 30...and if i get one i'd like also to take it to university some days..
  15. I have the 35 and love it! I carry it as my everyday bag.