Saw a Gerard Darel bag today...

  1. I've never seen them in person, but I was at the new Neiman Marcus test store in Tyson's Corner called Cusp, and they had a patent leather, black Darel bag. I'm not really familiar with the line, but I think it was longer in shape with ties on each side. It was definitely a "tote" versus a shoulder bag. So cute! I can see why people love them so much!
  2. ? there's a NM test store at the regular Tysons?

    (sorry... this is totally off topic!)
  3. I really like the way that the Darel bags look on. They carry really well. (Actually, mine does fit on the shoulder but the straps are quite short).
  4. That's patent GD. Wow, thanks for sharing, Suli!
  5. I was in the city today, and I saw the black patent one in Bergdorf, as well! didn't like it very much, though, the leather seemed a bit too "wrinkled" for patent.
  6. I haven't seen the patent IRL. It looks brilliant in the ads, though.
  7. Yup...called Cusp. It's in the new expansion wing, near the restaurants on the first level.
  8. Arghh, I didn't know the new store had opened, and I only live 5 minutes away. I'll try to check it out tonight!

  9. Sounds like a cool store!
  10. Saw some GD styles at Neiman Marcus Fashion Island (Newport Beach, California) as well.
  11. I just got that it! :love: I wanted a good patent bag (but not with super high end price like Chanel...just in case my patent fancy fades quickly).

    This bag is featured in the newest NM "The Look" book.
  12. ^^Oooh! I'd LOVE to see photos of the GD! How is the patent leather? Is it stiff? Or is the leather nice and squishy?