Saw a fakey and nearly tossed my cookies

  1. Ok so I was in Target today with my daughter and was on my way out and I spotted a fake blue neo speedy exactly like the one in that SF magazine (the one where the girl was kissing it). It was horrendous. I had my baggy pm on my shoulder but she never noticed me. It was a horrible looking thing and the vachetta stripe on the bag wasn't even. Just had to one else in my little world cares about these things but you guys! :supacool:
  2. Eww oh dear
    Are you ok?!
    Fakes make me feel dizzy.
  3. I don't see them very often, but when DH and I do, he makes the comments for me.

    His justification isn't like mine (illegal, sweat shops, trademark infringement, etc.), he says that "If I drop a grand or two on my wife to have a bag, then someone should not be able to carry around a $40 fake and feel good about it." :roflmfao:

    We saw a smaller version of the Alma with feet and the vachetta was all off while shopping at Home Depot.
    DH started making loud comments as soon as the lady was near enough and staring at my bag. :rolleyes:
  4. I was in the Coach store the other day with my younger daughter, and I saw this woman walking around with an "LV" but it had that tacky string and plastic thingy hanging off the handle. I don't understand why anyone would even leave that on there? It looks like the thing to hold a price tag or something. I think my mouth was actually hanging open as she passed me. I just don't get it. So I totally know what you mean, and how you felt, and like you (the OP), only you people here understand!

  5. OMG WHY do people leave those hideous things on their fake bags???? I see those too!!!!:wtf:
  6. LOL. Actually, people DO have the right to carry what they want and be as happy about it as they want to be. Always remember that others don't do things to please us, they do it to please themselves. It's not good that she was carrying a fake, but the price of her bag is irrelevant, and she shouldn't be treated rudely because her bag didn't cost a lot of money. If anyone sees a stranger just standing there, carrying a bag that she surely likes as much as someone else likes their expensive one, we don't know her situation and she shouldn't be judged or poked fun of. Making rude comments so she can hear? That goes too far.

  7. Yuk. I saw a fake denim pleaty yesterday. It was horrid.:tdown:
  8. Counterfeits are illegal merchandise. Illegal to manufacture and illegal to sell. Period.
  9. It's illigal to have fake, i mean there are perfectly pretty bags out there at Top shop and things .
  10. While I wouldn't make comments to anyone carrying a fake - only because it's not my personality and I am very non-confrontational - I do agree that it is so wrong to sell them and carry them. It actually does disgust me. Freedom to do so or's wrong....and illegal.
  11. Maybe we should start tossing our cookies on the fakes.

    I hate seeing them.
  12. Agreed, while I am not certain that I would comment directly to a person toting a fake, I am totally opposed to carrying them, buying them, selling them, manufacturing them, etc. as the practice is illegal and just wrong on so many levels.
  13. ^ NO thats just a waste of cookies...
  14. I always love to spot FAKE bags and it helps me improve my ability (lol) but I never comments on it.

    I always see people carrying Fakes in the original boutique(s) and it made me feel they are very ............ (if they know their bags are fake)

    PS: Ann , in this photo you look so young as always and your daughter is a good looking girl too. I rarely seen American or Eupopean women look younger than their ages (lol).
  15. The same goes for speaking out about her bag. We are allowed to do that.

    And carrying a fake bag acting like it is real is rude IMO.