Saw a fake - had to bite my tongue!

  1. I was at a take out restaurant today and had the strangest experience. I was at the checkout counter with 3 other ladies. One was carrying a beautiful cabas mezzo and one was carrying a horrendous fake mono bucket. I mean I could tell it was fake as soon as I walked into the door :yucky:. I was carrying my beautiful brown/pink CB pap. So the cashier girl says to fake lady - why do so many people carry that bag with all the "LVs" on it? Fake lady shrugs and says nothing. I had to restrain myself from saying "you shouldn't ask her because she's carrying a fake!". Fake lady knew it though because when she saw my bag and the other lady's she looked at it and then turned away. Argh...
  2. So the cashier girl says to fake lady - why do so many people carry that bag with all the "LVs" on it?

    The chasier said that infront of you guys, as you had LV bags? What nerve..
  3. Yeah even more than the fake, I'm shocked that the cashier had the nerve to say that..
  4. She was young and I think sincere in her question. It was just odd that 3 out of 4 ladies standing there had an LV bag even though one was a fakie. I do see a lot of real and fake LVs, but not all together like that from separate individuals so the experience itself was strange. I would have spoken to her except another cashier (guy) was available to take my order and didn't care whatsoever.
  5. I was at the mall today and so many people had fake LV speedys with the horrible handles. It made wonder if they really believe that they were walking around with the real thing. The speedy is $595, save your money and buy the real thing.
  6. I saw a horrible fake today was the denim neo speedy style but in mono canvas. I think it had feet too.
  7. Exactly!!!:yes:
  8. ITA. who would ask that, even if they didnt have any knowledge of lv?
  9. so gross
  10. hah. Try going to like an Asian market...this happened to me the other day. I wasi n line waiting to pay and there were 2 ladies in front of me that pulled out the same damn mono wallet!!!!!!! I was digusted. But then...I had LV with me too. Blah!
  11. I shop at a neighborhood Asian market often and always see LV. Most of them are fake and they have the nerve to give ME the dirty look!!!
  12. I had a white mc papillon come into the store. That's totally fake, right? Papillon never came in MC, did it?
  13. lol @ white mc papillon...*sigh*
  14. :sick:
  15. When I see a fake, I don't think of words like "gross", or have that "how dare they attitude". You simply pay for what you get, so whatever. If that lady/man carries a fake, and saves that money for their children's education or family needs.. Sure, why not. I do know that the profits of counterfeit products have being used for many other illegal venues, which is unfortunate. I'm no saint, and it's human nature to judge, but let's try to put things in perspective at times when we see a fake bag and not emit any negativity towards that person. Just an opinion. :shrugs: