Saw a fake all brown Carly today!

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  1. I was driving home from running errands and stopped at a traffic light. I turned to look at the tent on the road filled with fake LV and coach handbags and saw an all chocolate brown sig carly fake!:wtf:

    I couldn't believe it. It was the medium size with the larger leather strap on top, the side turnlocks--the whole shebang....I didn't get a close up look b/c I was in traffic, but was amazed to see it!

    The real ones are so gorgeous--I'm bummed to think there will be fakes of this bag running around.

    I have a couple of sig pieces and love them but am also happy to have more leather b/c it seems the leather ones are harder to fake.

    Couldn't believe they were so blazen selling these bags like that!:wtf:
  2. Could they have been the real thing but stolen? I wonder how many Coach's get stolen, either from the factory, the shipping trucks, or the stores and resold. I actually witnessed some girls stuffing their shopping bags full at the outlet one time. I told the security guards and they caught them on their way out of the store. My heart was pounding!
  3. One of the girls I work with has an all brown fake Carly. She has had it for over a month! It really irritates me b/c she trys to act like it is real. I don't say anything, just laugh.
  4. I knew it! I was just thinking yesterday that it won't be long before we see fake brown/brown Carlys. That is one reason I will probably be selling mine on eBay.
  5. I'm just so sad to see that because that bag is SOOO gorgeous; it shouldn't be violated that way!:crybaby:
  6. If a fake bag looks as good as a real bag, and infact a fake purse I'm sure could perform all the functions of a real one, Why does it matter if a purse is fake?
  7. Well, for starters, copyright and trademark infringement, not to mention fraud.
  8. That doesnt affect me though it affects the market of the manufacturer of the bag, as they sell afew hundred less bags, but a few hundred people get a trendy hard to find bag for hopefully cheaper than retail.
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  10. A SA at Nord's told me that they use child slave labor in China to manufacture fakes. That hits home for me because I have 2 daughters from China and I hate to think of young children working in a sweat shop in China to make fake bags. Plus, it's the same as stealing. If you can't afford an expensive Coach, you shouldn't pretend you can.

  11. There are many other sites that promote and support fake bags. This is definitely not one of them.
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  13. A person with a modest income shouldn't have the style and look a person with more zeros?

    What ever happened to common wealth?

    That sounds a bit Elitist... :S

    Not all fake bags are made in china by children , infact china enforces labor laws more-so than you'd think.

    Most child-labor actually comes from eastern-africa, Thailand , and Malasia.

    And Just as many REAL designer bags coem from these countries.

    I dont sell or support them , I'm just trying to understand.
    I can't just jump to the same conclusion my spouse has.
  14. Just because Coach is a big company doesn't mean the rampant counterfeit sales don't hurt them. Counterfeit bags are against the law, period. Plus many consumers who buy the bags may not know they're fake, so they too are getting ripped off.
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