Saw a Custom Monogram Neo Speedy Today

  1. I was walking behind two ladies at a distance at night on the street and noticed one of them was carrying a possible LV. So I walked closer and looked but could not make out what bag it resembled.:confused1: So I quickened my pace and saw...hmmm...its a monogram bag....but .....which bag is that...I have never seen it before. So I sticked my head to the sides to try and catch a glimpse of the bag from its sides....and then I thought...OMG.:wtf: :idea: ..its a custom Monogram Canvas Neo Speedy...and it looked very interesting.

    I then overtook them and heard them speaking I must be real. :smile:

    The bag looked nice and it was a smaller looking speedy but with a Manhattan touch to it. Just thought I'd share..;)

    Anyone considered getting one made?
  2. that sounds interesting yet lovely.. :love:

    *im imagining on top of my head now*
  3. it would be a perfect size. I wish LV made the mono speedy 25 just like the denim. But i have a feeling its not SO and it was a fake.
  4. did the bag you see have two outter pockets like the denim speedy ?
  5. You took the words right from my mouth.
  6. Sounds fake to me...I think I've seen a girl carried that kind of bag. The shape like neo speedy and with mono material..
  7. Out of mine too.
  8. Yes, exactly like the neo speedy, with the two outer pockets and two gold locks with vachetta on the back and all....In fact, when I overtook them (was meeting my friend up ahead) and I told him and he looked back at the ladies who were walking up and he straight away told me it was the denim speedy design...:smile:
  9. i was wondering too, whether they would be able to do SO from denim design to mono/damier design?

    as i hear they only do SO with similar material.. well i may be wrong though :Push:
  10. ^^ it is perfect, so easy to get into and holds just as much.

    on another note I was curious so I called LV, and NO they will not make a a mono canvas speedy like the noe denim speedy.
    Reason, they have a speedy in mono canvas and if you want something with front pockets they have the manhattan PM. Making said bag would be like re-designing the speedy style and they wont do it.

    I guess it goes with the line about not making a Speedy 25 MC. too much work, they have the design in a speedy 30.

    So on that note, its a fake.

  11. LOL....I called them too..exactly!!! it's big time FAKE..
  12. ^^ great minds think a like!
  13. u girls are addicted LOOOL