Saw a Coach bag on General Hospital

  1. I get excited to see a Coach bag on TV/Movie. This afternoon I saw Elizabeth carrying one on General Hospital. A khaki signature with a pink strap.
  2. Yeah...she has that all the time.....its from summer was a signature patchwork and they had the snakeskin trim in pink, blue, and green. A few weeks back Emily was carrying a coach bag as was the first time I'd noticed anyone besides Elizabeth with it.
  3. I saw that bag Elizabeth is wearing, i think its adorable. Does anyone know if its in any coach outlet stores?:yes:
  4. could someone ( if you have time) post a pic of this bag? thanks
  5. I saw it too!! My mom and I were drooling over it, lol. They have some great bags on that show, the one that has cancer (I'm totally blanking on her name) even has an LV Keepall, she brought it with her to the hospital!