Saw a black suhali lockit pm at work today!

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  1. One of my patients was carrying it and put it on the floor! I didn't say anything but she probably noticed me eyeing her bag! :P

    Also, after work I saw a damier bucket, a deauville, and from a distance I saw some guy carrying what looked like a small monogram keepall.
  2. Today I saw a Graffiti Speedy in silver, this very stylish girl was toting it around even though it was kind of raining. LOL.
  3. You know, sometimes people really don't care about the bag like us. However I have ALWAYS had a problem with laying a bag on the ground. I don't care if it's a 2 dollar bag or a 2000 dollar bag or even counterfeit. I grew up with this superstition that you don't put your bag on the floor. If you do you'll be broke.
  4. I saw the mizi bag yesterday at the mall, it's very cute now I want one tooooo
  5. i saw a white suhali le fab at jcrew today. i kindly told the woman that i liked her bag and the whole store followed suit!
  6. gosh today I saw so ManY fakes! yuck even my husband noticed. this one woman was acting all snobby to the cashier at Target and my DH was like "who does she think she is with that gross fake bag!?!"

    I couldn't believe it bc i didn't even notice!

    today i also noticed that LV was Empty! and the Coach store was packed!
    i don't know why that made me sad but DH was like that bc its so exclusive and expensive

    i guess i was just worried if not enough people came to my LV boutique they'd close and then i'd be without them!! ...i'm such a worrywart
  7. haha. wow thats random..
  8. ^^ the SA at Neimans told me the same thing :shrugs:
  9. Trust me, that's definately a myth! ;)
  10. :roflmfao:
  11. I saw a Damier Ribera with Groom round cles attached to it yesterday! I was stunned since it´s not common for LV to be carried here.
  12. A customer came in with an Eye Love bag. She was very friendly and I totally checked out her bag. It was really cute and I "think" it was real, but I am just a newbie and it was the first multicolore piece I've noticed since getting into LV so.......who knows? When I got home, I looked it up online and her bag totally matched up with the pictures. Kinda exciting for me!
  13. I never put my bags on the floor. They did a study on how bags are one of the most dirtiest things around...eww.

    One of my patients had a le epanoui gm and threw it on the floor. hehehe...
  14. I believe Coach has distributed their 25% off cards, so maybe that's why they're so packed. Same thing at our mall. I got one of their discount cards a few weeks back but I threw it away. Then my son wants to buy his girlfriend a Coach bag for Christmas. I hate it when lv is super busy. I like to be the ONLY one in there!!
  15. Sounds good to me! :yes: