Saw a black Croc Speedy 30

  1. I saw a speedy 30 made out of what looked like to me was croc skin.

    the skin is shinny with gold hardware and it looked quite structure. me and my cousin was like 'wow very nice, is this specially made'

    i saw it in harrods if anyone are interested.
  2. No way, is this even possible ?

    Certainly not louis vutton, but some other brand with similar style.
  3. Wow, it sounds like it would be gorgeous.
  4. Ooooh this sounds intersting.. anyone wanna go into Harrods to be our Vuitton mole ? :graucho:
  5. it's def LV, it was shown in a glass display box in Harrods' LV section. I will try to take a pic next time i visit. but i cannot be 100% it's croc skin. but the skin pattern does look like croc to me.

    yes jenn it looked so nice but i didnt dare to ask the SA for a look or the price
  6. wow sounds great! I have never seen any of the exotics, except in the catalog.
  7. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: I hope you get pic's
  8. beautiful!!
  9. sounds beautiful, need some pics. :graucho:
  10. wow..
  11. Omg, dying to see! :nuts:
  12. Oh wow...that would be TDF!
  13. About 6 months ago I request a S.O. for a black croc speedy it was approved, however if my memory serves me correct it was like 12K. The SA told me that "very soon" the croc speedy was going to added to the list of bags that are made out of croc, so a special order would not be required. Thus you would save the special order mark up...I would LOVE that bag...some day.......
  14. You should go back and snaps some pics for us :supacool:
  15. Please take some pics! Really want to see how that croc looks like!:drool: