Saw A Beauty During Sojourn To Nm Today

  1. feasted my baby blues on a coral colored Outdoor Ligne tote.....smiling down at me from shelf at NM Chanel dept.........................omg, so gorgeous
    not lambskin, but either calf or the other durable skin (not caviar)

    i believe it is $2,385

    its a true coral...or melon

  2. Are you getting it? :yes:
  3. "sojourn" are too cute!! ;)
  4. Outdoor Ligne is like distressed caviar leather. It wears unbelieably well.

    Is that a new color for spring? I am so all over this Ligne.

    Hey Roey - did you see this?
  5. anyone got a pic? i am interested.
  6. Was it a tote like this but in the coral color?
  7. maxter,,,not like that pic but that purse is beautiful!, it was more north/south, and had double chain shoulder straps and then the chain detail running down each end of the bag but on the face of the bag....going north south....maybe i got the name wrong but i am pretty sure its what they call the Outdoor Ligne............the bag is rectangular shaped, not slouchy or hobo but soft and unstructured ..yes, a new color for spring...............silver h/w, a dangley CC charm on the zipper, and had the stitched CC in fairly big letters on the front

    i am not getting it, Jayne, because a ban is drawing near, like the funnel of a cyclone, circling me, omg :yucky: :death:
    i am also getting Naked tote and trading my current Chanel denim for denim Coco Cabas (if i can return my denim), and then i had to get accepted by tPF Marketplace which opens up a whole NEW Pandora's box god help me.. teehee .and now i am posting Wish to Buys regarding the LV Conte de Fees bag as well as the Graffiti, the only 2 LVs i would consider introducing to my Chanel babies :p

    how come there isn't a smiley for "obsessive"? :shrugs:
  8. sounds like the Modern Chain Tote to me from Purse-onality's Description....It does sound lovely, especially with the chain detail running down N-S on the face of the bag! Or is it my subconcious mind imagining a new MC tote that i missed out last time? :p