Saw a beautiful Red Silverado today..

  1. Today I took a trip to the Mother Ship (South Coast Plaza, in Orange County, CA) Dropped by the Chloe store to see if they had the red/rouge Silverado (another PF member wanted me to check). They had the large Silverado and it was TDF!! IT is a subtle 2 tone. Probably should have bought it...:amazed:
  2. Red/Rouge sounds wonderful! Thanks Irishgal, I'll call tomorrow.
  3. Irishgal, I noticed on another thread that they are having a private sale? Did they quote sale prices, was this on sale? ....... I heard it was strickly by invitation only?
  4. OMG!!! A red Silverado! Those are SO fab!
  5. They were not having a sale, privat or not yet. The SA said it will start next week. I am dreaming of this bag..
  6. Irishgal, Saks BH also had the traditional Silverado in Blue/Turquoise (not the pale blue that is everywhere)........ I think it was the small though, also TDF!