Saw a bag today... can you help me identify it?

  1. It was about 12" wide and had a short strap - leather on top and chains that attached the leather to the bag. Buttery soft leather with a perforated diamond pattern. The top zipped and about 2" folded over. It was in a beige-y color for $1595 but there was a black version that was more like $2400 with a slightly different diamond pattern. Not sure what explains the huge price difference.

  2. It could be the small ultimate soft.The small one has quilted diamond pattern and cost $1595.
    Check the reference library for pic to confirm.
  3. That's it! You guys are amazing. Thanks!

    Is this part of the permanent collection, or do I need to move quickly if I want it?
  4. Did u c this one in black?
    This one is $2425.My SA said it's expensive because of the basket weaving pattern on the bag.
  5. Yes, that's the one. The price difference is kind of crazy! Fortunately, I actually like the cheaper one better :smile:
  6. I agree.The price difference is just crazy!
    May I ask how the leather feels on the two styles compared?Maybe the more pricey one has softer lambskin which could justify the price difference?
    The ultimate soft is not a permanent part of the collection but Chanel does bring the style back quite often though.I think last year there was also the lavender colour in addition to the beige and black...not sure tho.An SA told me that.I just love the coral colour of this style!
  7. They actually felt pretty much the same to me.

    Thanks for all of the info!
  8. OMG I have been looking for this bag forever! Does anybody have it in black??? I'd like to see pics! :biggrin:
  9. if u want to see it in beige its in my 21 thread.. but i know the SF boutique has it!