Saw a bag, need help finding it

  1. I just saw a beautiful Dior bag on a girl leaving a store. It is tan, logo with leather handles and had a bow on the side and what looked like a heart locket on the front. It had two handles and looked kind of like a boston bag but a little different shape. I've been all over this forum and on eLux but can not find it. It had silver chains leading up to the handles and the front looked like it folded over the top slightly. It was adorable and I know nothing at all about Dior but I fell in love. She was getting into her car and I couldn't catch her (I was mesmerized by the bag too much to think of running up to her and asking about it- can you imagine..."Hey you, wait, what is that bag?") If anyone has an idea, it would be greatly apopreciated. I'll keep searching in the meantime. Thanks!!!
  2. im trying hard to imagine it ... hmm .. will look it up 4u and come back
  3. Is this close? This line is this season's version of the Trotter Romantique.
    Dior Trotter Romantique.jpg
  4. Yay! Thanks! That looks like it is it. Thanks so much! Now I am on a mission... you guys are the greatest!!!
  5. glad May Day figured it out 4u :heart:
  6. Hi guys,
    I know this thread is old...but I was just looking through some of the threads, and I am just wondering, do you guys know the style name of the trotter romantique in the picture above? I would love to get a trotter romantique, but the ones I saw on eluxury (Trotter Romantique Small Tote and Trotter Romantique Medium Frame Tote) are too small for me! Thanks so much for your kindness and help!! :heart:
  7. i think the one in the post is called the trotter romantique flap bag. ;)

    if my memory doesn't fail me, i think the flap bags come in a small & medium size. from what i can remember seeing in the dior at manchester, the medium size is definitely a better choice if you're planning on actually carrying some things. the small is pretty tiny in my opinion. it's retailing for 595 pounds on the uk dior online boutique.