Saw a 70% new Chanel Kelly in caviar black today if anyone is interested!

  1. Hey gals, I work at Raffles Place area (in Singapore) and walk past the shops at Raffles Xchange (Raffles Place MRT station) everyday.

    One day, I'm just minding my own business when I spot a BEAAAAUTIFUL Chanel Kelly in the window of this 2nd-hand store (Madam Milan). I walked in to inspect it today, and it says it's 70% new, the clasp feels like the spring is wearing out and there is a tiny black spot on the metal. The caviar leather (black) looks a teeny bit worn but only if you look reeeeally closely.

    Now I'm not 100% sure that this place always sells authentic stuff but this bag sure looked pretty authentic! I don't think they guarantee authenticity though, although this one comes with the card. And the best part is....

    It costs about S$1,399 (equivalent to about USD915!!) if I remember correctly! So anyone who is interested, pl go take a look! Or you can visit their website at I don't know if they ship overseas...

    Btw I am NOT working for this shop, I'm simply hoping that someone who wants this bag will have the chance to get it since I can't!!! :p
  2. ooohh wish I was in Singapore to take a look...
  3. Hehe yeah! It's such a lovely bag, it stopped me in my tracks when I saw it for the first time last wk!
  4. I saw it awhile back too. Was taken in by the price but I dun really carry black chanels so gave it a pass. Actually I don't think you have to worry about the authencity cos all legal 2nd handshops in Singapore have to get a licence from the police. Moreover if u bring the bag to chanel to authenticate and it turns out to be fake, you can get ur full money back. Btw her website is not updated though...
  5. Ooh really? I never knew that!! (about the licence I mean) I think I remember a story about someone who got a bag from one of these shops and it turned out to be fake!

    Yeah her website is not updated, but it has the contact details and address, email contact so I figured whoever is interested can try and contact them.
  6. Yup, they have to display their licence at the counter. If anyone u know actually got a fake bag fm a 2nd hand shop, she should go back & get a refund. They'll juz look for the seller of the bag to settle it. That's what I understand. I bought a brand new white diamond stitch last year fm The Attic Place for around $1800. My SA at chanel verified it for me & said it was a good buy. Btw u live in Singapore? Chanel is getting new stuff this Friday! Yay! The camelia wallet which I have been waiting for are coming in! Can't wait!
  7. Oooh your diamond stitch sounds fab!!! Where is The Attic Place?

    Yes I live in Singapore!! Oooh so exciting! Maybe my earrings will finally come in today then! Post pics of your camellia wallet when you get it! I won't buy Chanel bags from the boutique here anymore cos I think it's just ridiculously overpriced, are the wallets around same price as the US?
  8. Oooh! u live in Singapore too! The Attic Place is at Far East Shopping Centre, #04-01, next to Wheelock Place. Sometimes there's really good stuff but most of the time it's boring stuff. There's another 2nd hand shop, Prestige Collector, at Amara Hotel.

    I agree the prices in Singapore are really ridiculous. And since I fly to HK every 4 to 6 wks, I try to buy there. I bought the blue camelia wallet in the medium size. Price S$890. My SA, Anthea ,kept one for me cos it's all sold out. They are only left with the display piece.
  9. hi fellow pfers in singapore!

    shiny-hair, did you see the mini flap in bubble gum pink at madam milan too? i've never seen any mini flap in the boutique so it was quite an eye-opener :p

    mscawaii, i've visited prestige collectors several times and bought a couple of items at very good deals! they have mostly lv stuff though...
  10. Hail all bag addicts in Sg..:smile:

    how much cheaper is it in hk or anywhere else ? I asked my sis-in-law to get my timeless clutch back in paris 2 months ago and the price diff wasnt that much, only the tax refund difference.

    anyone knows the prices of chanel elsewhere very well?
  11. thanks for the heads up!!
  12. Hi okapi, I saw the pink mini flap too! So cute! But the price is so high, $2k plus if I remember correctly. Right now attic place is only selling older pieces of chanel. But if you intending to sell ur bags to her, pls check out how much the other shops are willing to offer u.

    Hi Belanda, the price differences varies. My Paris Baritz was at least $200 cheaper over in HK. The ballerinas are around $50 cheaper. Not too sure about the flaps, E/Ws. The metallic black reissue was around HKD 22,000 which converts to $4290, much cheaper in HK. At least it'll be 7% cheaper. I like HK cos there are more styles & quantities available there. There's so many boutiques there vs one here. I managed to get my bubble quilt flap in jersey over there which is unavailable in S'pore.
  13. mscawaii - ohh thanks 4 the info! you're so lucky to have access to hk boutiques then! :smile: i have to stick to wait lists and good deals online. *sigh*
  14. Yup, the price of the mini flap was quite high... Guess it's the "limited edition", that's why. But you could tell that it has been used.

    I've sold a couple of items at Madam Milan before... Never tried to ask another shop. Will keep The Attic Place in mind the next time. Thanks! :smile:
  15. Hi all,

    I'm from Malaysia and just got the camellia long wallet in black and light blue - it's RM2,220 each at the Chanel boutique here.

    Mscawaii - How much is the wallet in Singapore?