Savvyblonde's LV collection

  1. Hi! Here is my Louis Vuitton collection thus far.
    Thanks for looking;) .
    epi noe.jpg DamierAzur.jpg MCspeedy&Alma.jpg speedy5.jpg speedy7.jpg
  2. If someone could tell me how to add more pictures of my collection, I would.....please!
  3. Very nice! I love that twilly!

    Click on the advanced and you'll get more options. =)
  4. Thanks for your help....I think I added them all now:smile: .
    Accessories1.jpg LV5.jpg LV10.jpg LV4.jpg kittyLV4.jpg
  5. oh that's a lot of LV, i LIKE it.
  6. wow, you have quite a speedy collection!!
  7. nice collections of speedys!
  8. Love your there a reason you don't have the Damier Speedy?

  9. I have the same Q too!
    I loove your collection!!
  10. Lovely! :heart:
  11. wow many speedies! great LV collection!
  12. Great collection I love it!
  13. I enjoyed your collection. I am also blonde;) with the help of the bottle.
  14. Love your collection. Your Red Epi Noe with that pink scarf... so pretty and perfect for Valentine's day! Congrats.
  15. Niiiice!!! :graucho:

    Thanks for sharing!