Savvy Nail Polish


Sad and Angry
Dec 7, 2009
Find it at Sallys in the square bottle. It last forever... well almost.. at least until you take it off.:smile:

My example is I have it on my toenails currently (2 coats) with a topcoat of Seche and it is going on 4 weeks now with no signs of wear or chipping - just normal grow out at the cuticle. That is no wear or tip rub off even after wearing it in closed toe shoes.

$4.50 at Sally's Beauty Supply and it is often on their reduced rack if you want to try it at a savings.
I like the Savvy np too. I only have three of them, but I aim to get more in the future! I think they last really well, and the price is fantastic. You can't beat them really!