Savvy & Co. ~ Online Sissi Rossi Sale*Wednesday, January 21st*Up To 70% Below Retail

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    Wednesday, January 21th 12pm
    Friday, January 23th


  2. Big warning! I bought from their prior Sissi Rossi sale. They sent a dirty Sissi Rossi handbag--spots, scratches and a beat up Sissi Rossi belt. I sent them photos and they refused a refund because Sissi Rossi is supposed to be distressed. I've been around the handbag block enough times to know the difference between distressed and dirty! (Besides I know and love the Sissi Rossi brand.)

    I've had to file a credit card dispute. I'm understanding of discounters needing to make things final sale. But I expect them to stand behind their transaction if an item is damaged/dirty.

    I bought a Gryson liquid patent bag from Gilt and it arrived with the tissue stuck to the patent in a way that it was ruined. It was still in its factory packaging. From the point I contacted Gilt, they treated me very professionally, sent me a return label and credited my account.

    Savvy on the other hand, emailed me that the bag I bought from them was meant to be distressed and that I had a ridiculous expectation of smooth appearance and refused to help me. The woman in charge of customer service wrote: "To appear unified in color the bags would have to be painted." Painted!!! Ugh, so patronizing!
  3. ^^ OMG!! Thanks for the warning! It's certain I won't be spending any money there!