Savs savvy shoes!

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  1. I have to apologise in advance for my very poor thread title! Everyone always has such fab names for theirs.
    I just wanted to share my teeny yet much loved collection .. and also have a thread to post my forth coming purchases!

    I started collecting properly last dec (08) so i have just started out. Although i did have a few pairs before i started collecting 'officially'

    Teal Ron Ron


    Leopard VP's


    Lilac & Brown Madeleine


    Black Petit Rat

  2. They're lovely! Why does everyone else have better collections than me?! :wtf:
  3. Such a Gorgeous collection !!!!, enjoy them !! :yes:
  4. Gorgeous! I love the Madeleines!
  5. Woohoo! Savvys! Fabulous collection!
    I love the Petit Rats more every time I see them and your Leopard VPs are TDF!
  6. I love the Teal Ron Rons! We're shoe twins! :yahoo: Well...triplets if you count JSG!
  7. Moudy Espadrilles


    Orange Pardessus Soir

  8. And of course, not forgetting my UHG .. :heart::heart:

    Cobalt blue Catwoman

  9. Very nice collection savvy :heart: the leopards and Catwomans are superbe !! :yes:
  10. great collection! I love the Catwoman! and I can't wait for your new additions :graucho:
  11. They make my heart skip a beat :faint:
  12. savvy, just damn, girl! you have such a variety of gorgeous shoes in your collection. the teal ron rons are one of my favorites, but then, i guess i could say every other one is, too. i can't wait to see modeling pics of each one! just an amazing collection. :tup::yes::woohoo:
  13. Yea, what Yaya said! LOL
  14. I love the Pardessous Soir and Catwomen! Congrats on all of your lovelies. Can't wait to see your new additions.
  15. I love the teal color of your Ronrons, the leopard VPs are HOT and the Catwomans (Catwomen, lol?) in that gorgeous blue are just TDF! Beautiful collection!!