Savings ettiquette

  1. Hello... I am asking all you fellow LV addicts cause I know I will find some very experienced collectors who can guide me:

    If I am saving up money...Should I

    1) buy another LV bag right now or end of this year with the possibility that I will just give in to my LV cravings very easily after that from now on

    2) Keep the money and go to Europe next year and buy it there...

    3) Grit my teeth and really put all that money into buying my own home in 2 years time?

    Obviously I want all of the above but each step will set me behind a fair bit...question is, how long term should my financial goals have to be? Should I go for a materialistic or dreamy or practical lifestyle?

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  3. Agreed! Number 3 is absolutely the best... the toughest but you will LOVE your new home! And as the equity builds, you will be able to buy more Louis'!
  4. I would say number two... save and go to europe next yr and buy it there... but i you dont have a house yet, then i think it's better to save up for a home..... good luck...
  5. Hi:biggrin: ,
    Good to see another Sydneysider! For me #3 will be more important.Cos the feeling of owning my own home outweigh the feeling of owning a brand new LV for sure.:biggrin:
  6. what i do is this... i put 40% of my wage for the week into bills and all the stuff i need to pay off for that month... the other 40% i put into my savings which i dont touch.. and the other 20% i use on whatever i want.
    What i used to do was spend heaps of money on going out, clothes, accessories, makeup.. pretty much anything i didnt really need... now i only buy what i really want.. and use the rest to put towards LV. you've gotta be tough on yourself though...
  7. I think you should go for #3... Home is definatly the most important, bags are second. But you should allow yourself to splurge at least a couple of times with the bags you want. Then it'll be like a diet when you eat candy once in a while to control the cravings.
  8. Home would def. be priority #1 for me!:yes:
  9. Like everyone here, I adore LV bags, biut honestly, if you're that close to buying your own home...then consider carefully...I myself am leaning towards choice 3. You can always get a bag some other time! You might not be as close to buying at another point in time. In fact, it's not really etiquette at all, it's called prioritizing. Good luck.
  10. As nice as owning a brand new LV bag is, it is much nicer to own a home! I say save your money for a house because you can always get a Louis Vuitton in the future.
  11. #3 for me.
  12. Agreed! Buying a home is the best investment you'll ever make (well, along with growing your LV collection) :graucho: :graucho:

    I bought my townhouse a few years ago and as much as I love fashion and spend a LOT on clothes/shoes/bags I suddenly had to switch and spend money on things I never cared about before like doors, blinds, appliances :P . But it's your HOME and a total mindshift. Then after awhile I had a craving to splurge and go clothes shopping.

    Best of luck in your decision! :heart:
  13. Save up for a new home!
  14. The house! I just bought my 3rd house and it's great. I'm on a self-imposed spending freeze (except for any money made from ebay) while I redecorate the'll be awhile...every single room needs repainting, window treatments, etc.
    Then the house will be done and all extra funds go to LV ;)
  15. Can't you do #1 AND #3? Put away a little per month for your purse fund, and do the same for the house too :smile: