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  1. Hey everyone! I'm saving up for a bag and I was wondering if anyone knows if gucci is doing a price increase anytime soon. I'm not sure if I should buy my bag now to save if there is going to be an increase, or to wait. TIA
  2. If that happen you can try on ebay or ioffer. All my bags are bought on ioffer.
  3. You can probably wait for the summer sale? Unless you have a particular bag in mind that does not go on sale.
  4. Thanks for your replies! The bag I want is the chain tote from the soho line, which I doubt will go on sale. Im not really familiar with Gucci, I've never purchased from Gucci before. All my Premier bags are from Louis Vuitton, so I'm always paranoid about the price increases. I was just wondering if Gucci does the same. I know Louis does it twice a year.
  5. I don't see any information on a price increase anytime soon but maybe I'm wrong. :yw:

  6. Thanks! I hope not!
  7. Gucci pride themselves on being competitively priced in the market and I have only noticed one small increase since 2010 unlike LV that had 3 price increases here in 2013 that was 9% each. Oh and one already this year...

  8. Thanks this is good to know! LV price increases are so depressing!
  9. I asked a sales assistant and she said that there has been no word of an upcoming price increase however they are going to have a sale sometime this summer so save up for that! :smile:
  10. I'm in Australia and we had one about 2 weeks ago.
    I emailed customer service about a bag I was interested in as I couldn't see it on their website and was quoted $13XX and when I went in to buy it the next week it was $14XX
    I emailed customer service again and they said to be in line with overseas we had a price adjustment. Just sucks, but at least it was only $100 or so.
  11. Oh no! I better act fast!
  12. Gucci do have price increases but they have a different reasons for them:

    1. On particular items when the price of raw materials goes up (like gold or croc).

    2. They also introduce some lines/bags etc purposely at competitive price point, which if they prove to be popular, are put up like the Soho Disco.

    3. The most annoying is when Gucci put up prices on items that are going into the sale a couple of months before, so when they discount 30%, it's actually more like 20% of the original price.

    4. By stealthily putting up prices of classic bags that become 'competitors' to more expensive iconic bags made by other brands like the Bamboo Top Handle
  13. Gucci usually runs sales twice a year...and increases don't occur often. You can always try other pre-loved sites with good feedback. The price increases at LV are especially off-putting because while the price goes up, the quality goes down. I am happier with Gucci's quality at this point. I bypassed a neverfull for a new gucci tote and I am super happy I did.

  14. This is good news. I'm having such issues with my neverfull. Hopefully this weekend I'll be getting my large soho chain tote!
  15. I went to the Gucci Boutique early this week and saw a pair of shoes I love for $470 looked on-line today and now they are $530. So I guess they might be ear-marked for sale soon then? Shame the boutique did not have my shoe size to even try on though.