Saving up?

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  1. As I was going through the site, I was looking for a type of "support" group :amuse: where one could chat to others while saving up for a bag. For me, a bag is a huuuuge deal, and I'm saving up for a Balenciaga, its gonna take me a few months:love: ... but just an idea, would anyone be interested?
  2. In general, the whole site kind of works that way (as well as being a forum for people's collections or for people to share new purchases).

    But sure, I think most people would love to chat and save with you! Most of us are in the same boat.
  3. I totally agree, but I just thought that it could be centered to one particular thread to limit "scrambling"
  4. A b-bag is a great choice. There are lots of us here on the forum who are proud owners! What color are you saving for?:biggrin:
  5. Sure, always good to have a thread to find.
  6. The black in the medium (city, i think)
    Im just confused about the different leathers, I wanted it for summer, but someone said that the leather would be better in the Fall...ah well

    Also, whats your opinion on a black b bag for summer?:lol:
  7. I'm saving for the same thing!

    I've been looking at the Gerard Darel bags & I'd love one but I'd really like to see the new leather on the Balenciaga in I'm saving now!

    Probably a City & I don't know which color yet.

    I think black bags for summer can look fine. My previous everyday bag was black & I got tired of it for now so I bought the Kerala by Chloe in Whiskey & I love it.
  8. My sister-in-law has the black and it is really nice, but since there are sooooo many georgeous colors I have the apple green first. And I also have the City in 04' Lilac, my next purchase will be the white city, or cornflower (blue) Its very addicting. The colors are awsome!
  9. Yeah, I almost had to give in for a different bag yesterday...a small Red MJ fold over tote with brass buttons---it was gorgeous pebbley-leather...and at LOEHMANN'S for 100! But I stood storng, and remembered my BBAG!! LMAO!
  10. Do you find the apple a bit Eye popping at times, or that you cant pair it with a lot? I adored that color, but Im not even sure its offered anymore...??:cry:
  11. The "new" leather for fall, is actually their ORIGINAL leather used to make their first bags. So, the bags that are available now are the so called "new leather"...a friend of mine in NY has one of the "original leather" bags and she sees no difference between the two, except that the "original leather" is not as shiney/waxy and doesn't crinkle as much.
  12. Actually that is why I love it so much. The colors I wear are conservative, jeans, and t-s. Believe it or not it goes with everything. I have had tons of compliments. It is an 05' color, I had to purchase mine from e-bay with the help of forum members. There are definetely NO REGRETS here. I love it!:love: You really have to keep your eye out for that color. Its really hard to find.
  13. Great choice on the Bbag.
  14. I actually talked about something like this with a friend of mine. Hes having financial trouble right now, so I volunteered to save with him. I feel bad talking about buying a birkin and going shopping daily when hes just trying to save money and make ends meet. He said that it didn't bother him and that I should keep living the way I do, but I still feel like I'd be rubbing it in his face or something. I can live without going nuts shopping for lent...err or at least I think :lol:
  15. I would love to do this. I'm such a shopaholic, it is really hard for me to save my money longer than a month:cry:. But I want a Chanel bag badly.

    Finally I have comitted to saving up.

    I'm trying to find good pics of the bag I'd like and figure out a way to carry it around with me:wacko: - so it's like I'm 'keeping my eye on the prize':lol: