Saving up for my first self bought high end bag, what do you think?

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  1. I am trying to save up for my first high end bag that I buy myself, not as a gift/bought for me.

    I have a LV that was given to me but otherwise stick to lower/midend brands like Botkier, Betsey Johnson, Treesje, BCBG, Kate Spade, Hayden Harnett.

    I want a Chanel someday but may leave that for someday, as a career milestone bag instead of a first high end bag.

    I want a YSL y-mail wallet but I just bought a new wallet so may save that for a bit later on too, I still see them around in department stores and online.

    I like Be&D bags but they don't feel as classic/versatile to me.

    I drool over Balenciaga bags, but also like the look of YSL bags, and the Chloe Paddington bag. I think the Miu Miu bow bag is adorable but apparently I'm late to that party.

    I think I have it narrowed down to a Balenciaga First or YSL Easy, which do you think is best for a first high end bag (versatility, quality, practicalness, etc)? Needing a grey bag but probably will go with grey, black, purple, anything else "neutral" to my closet.

    Any other bags that I may have missed going through the reference libraries last night?

  2. What sort of size bags do you normally use? The First is pretty tiny (I was all set to get one but when I saw it in person I realised I'd be pushing it to fit my wallet in it, let alone all the other junk I carry with me)! What hardware in a Bal were you looking at?

    Personally I'd say that the Easy is more versatile in that you could wear it to work/'dressier' occasions than you could wear a Bal, especially if you were looking at a Bal with regular hardware/tassels. You do have to be willing to be somewhat careful with a Bal (their corners get worn quite easily and some colours are prone to fading) - never owned a YSL so I don't know how they compare in this regard.

    I think both bags are gorgeous so I can't really give you an opinion here. I know Bal has an absolute rainbow of colours to choose from so you're bound to find something that works for you there. Good luck!
  3. oh wow, didn't realize it was small. I am the type who carries just about everything with her lol. I liked a lot of the other Bal bags too but some of the bigger ones looked off proportion wise. I'm interested in the Giant hardware.

    waiting on more input/eventually when I have some money saved up go looking/feeling haha; just need a good jumping off point.
  4. I'd check out either a City or a Part Time. City's around 10" high x 15" wide (I think) whereas the Part Time is more east-west.

    If you're looking at the giant hardware, this changes my opinion - I think you should check out an anthracite City in either silver or rose gold hardware. Gorgeous :love:
  5. thanks for the recs! exactly the help i am looking for.

    It'll take me awhile to get there but that's the point, thanks again!
  6. No worries! Best thing about anthra is that it's a staple from Bal so you don't need to worry about it being discontinued and needing to hunt it down when you've saved up. ;)
  7. If it were me I would go with the Bal City. I drool over them all the time but I think it will have to wait until I graduate college LOL.
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    I think the Balenciaga City or Hobo would be a good first high designer based on what you like.

    Would you consider entry level LV Speedy or Gucci Boston bags? Those are not gray but considered classic "staples".

    p.s. Now that I've looked at the YSL Easy more closely, I think that would be even roomier than the LV/Gucci. I'm not much help I know!
  9. ohh so many votes for the city! i keep looking at reference libraries here and i am still in love with two! the easy looks good and spacious - someone posted a pic with it holding sunglasses, guidebook, umbrella, wallet, cell, mp3, etc, and i love the signature Y for YSL, so classy. But the city is also a great roomy bag equally as distinct as a Balenciaga! I don't care for the LV speedy but haven't looked much into gucci.
  10. Bal City gets my vote and Antha is :love:....good luck with your choice!
  11. do you like hobo bags?
    How about the YSL Roady?
    It's a pretty "simple" bag but the leather is TDF
    it's also a classic shape and style that with always be "in style"

    Another one I'd recommend would be a Marc Jacobs XL Single. It's got that classic quilted look of the Chanel Flap with an "MJ Vibe" and costs <$1k!!
    There are lots of other MJ bags I could recommend but w/o knowing if there's a particular style you like better (shoulder bag? hobo? satchel), it's hard to narrow it down.
  12. I actually don't love hobos, I have a few but prefer satchels, especially convertible ones, and bags I can throw over my shoulder but aren't as slouchy as hobos.

    I do like how the roady has interchangeable straps though, thats cute.

    Haven't checked out much of the MJ bags because I didn't really know what the "classic"/basic bags from him are but I'll check that one out!

  13. Get the Bal City in Anthracite with giant silver hardware. Great for day or night and can be worn with every color. Just got mine last week and love it!
  14. Go for Bal's a classic and logo free....
  15. A bal city is a good choice for you.