Saving up for my first Chloe.

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  1. it is a gorgeous bag. The only thing I think is the location of the lock will bang on anything when you put it down.
  2. i second that! the placement of the lock is what bothered me :P
  3. go with a paddy, there a classic and look so good!
  4. I agree: I had my paddy on my mahogany table, flipped open the padlock and it seriously dented my table! Since the lock here is already quite close to the ground, I could see that being an issue.

  5. They have something similar to that i think it's called the paddy hobo, but the lock is on top :yes: [​IMG]
  6. Hi Cindy! I agree with all the others about the lock. A friend of mine have the same bag & what she does is she take the lock & hang it on the leather string together with the key.

  7. wow, i love the hobo D & G rockstar post!
  8. I adore this bag. I love it in the Whiskey colour too. Really nice, and a lovely new take on the paddington :smile:
  9. Personally I like the hobo style more too.... :smile:
  10. WOW! That hobo is beautiful too. Decisions, decisions. :P
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