Saving On Tax When Buying Out Of State? What Is This?

  1. yah...wondering about this. I see a couple PFers saving on tax when they buy out of state. I live in NY. Both times I ordered from Nieman Marcus (Atlanta, GA and also Texas) I was charged tax.

    What store in what CITY/STATE is it possible to save on the tax?

  2. to save the tax, it has to be from a store that DOES NOT have a store in your state.
  3. if you order from Saks out of state, sometimes you don't have to pay tax. if you order from a tax free state, such as Oregon, you don't need to pay tax. since you're in ny, you can't order from bergdorf, Saks, chanel, nm, or bloomingdales without tax. if you order from bergdorf's and can get it shipped to a state besides ny or nj, then you don't have to pay tax.
  4. I have ordered items from Saks from different states ( I live in California) and never paid tax, but the SA have to charged it as gift, but you have to "remind" the SA to sent it as a gift=no tax.
  5. Just remember, on the NYS income tax return, it does have a line for you to pay sales/use tax on internet purchases. You can select a fixed amount based on your income which should cover your purchases. In most states, there is no way of legally avoiding paying sales/use tax. Most people get away with it because they do not get audited.
  6. if you live in ny, you're pretty much going to be charged tax for everything because they probably have a store here. but for saks, if they send to CA or IL, you don't have to pay tax. there is a long convulated story behind that. my bf lives in IL so all my stuff goes to him in IL.

    SAs can get in trouble for not charging tax otherwise.

    also, you can get stuff from Portland. there is no sales tax there at all.
  7. In the past there have been talk/effort by legislators to end the loophole of not paying sales tax in all cases. And yes, supposedly one is to report all income earned off eBay sales but . . .Generally, if your state does not have a brick and mortar store and you order online from a store, you can evade sales tax. Example: I live in WV. There are no Chanel boutiques, NM, Saks, Bergdorf's -- let's face it Walmart and Target is what is here -- when I buy Chanel, I can choose to ship it and not pay sales tax.
  8. I thought that there are no NM in NY? Why would you have to pay taxes??
  9. there is one upstate i think.
  10. if it's as a gift, then you can't use your own cc to pay for it right?

  11. actually to pay use tax is a requirement everywhere however i believe until now it doesn't really happen. :rolleyes:
  12. I use my own Saks card
  13. If you order from SAKS in NYC you pay no tax (unless its shipped to NY of course.
  14. I think even if you order from tax free state like Oregon, you still have to pay tax if there are similar stores in your state.
  15. they can ring it up differently, apparently.