Saving on groceries in these tough times, let's play a savings game!

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  1. With grocery prices going through the roof and the economy where it is, I am sure we are all trying to save where we can. I thought it would be fun to post our savings. We can cheer each other on, commiserate and give each other tips.

    For me, I clip coupons and plan my meals around the weekly ads. Each Tuesday the ads come out and I pour through them and decide the weeks menu, plus any staples that are on sale and worth stocking up on. I usually end up going to 2 stores to get the best deals. I wish we had a store that did double coupons in our area but we don't :sad:

    This week, I went to Luckys, where I spent 125.69 and saved 75.44 and Nob Hill, where I spent 113.86 and saved 95.04.

    So the total for the week was 239.55, and saved 170.48, about 42 %, Yahoo!
  2. ur so organized lol. i decide what i want to eat on my hour long drive home, stop at the foodstore to pick up wat i need for that nites dinner and/or lunch for the next day, pay full price for 90% of my items, and never have coupons. i cant even remember the last time i even peeked at a sale ad.
  3. i wish i could do this. i live in nyc and food shopping is so expensive. i truly don't know how else to make things cheaper. there's only 1 trader joe's here but i try and get there every so often bc it's really affordable. since i've decided to make food for all my meals rather than order out i've been food shopping a lot and i think spending more money than i would if i was ordering. well, maybe not but it might be a toss up. i wish there was a way to make it cheaper... i'm one person and everytime i go shopping it's like 100 dollars plus.
  4. I never paid much attention until recently. And so I looked up some online coupons and checked the weekly ads last time I went shopping and I saved about $20 compared to what I would normally spend. While I am nowhere near saving 42% yet, I at least have started paying attention! Depending on the weekly ads, I choose where to shop, and there are a few items I will stop at another store for (for example, the coffee I buy was $4 less expensive on special at another store, so I stopped and bought two).

    Anyway, I have been trying to find better ways to save more, but for now just the weekly ads and coupons are saving me quite a bit, and every bit helps.
  5. I posted this in another thread, this is what I do to keep costs down, esp. since I can't really use coupons at my grocery store.

  6. ^^ Thanks for sharing! The organizers are super cute!

    I typically only buy things that are on sale. I usually scour the grocery ads that come out on Tuesday and decide my meals on that. Luckily, I live by two grocery stores within walking distance so I make two lists of what to buy at each place.

    I also love clipping coupons LOL. I'm always waiting for Sunday to come so I can get the newspaper to look through all of them :P
  7. A thread after my own heart! I love to save money, even when the economy is doing great. I'm a fiend at the grocery store - I do check the sale ads, I clip coupons and love to use them at double & triple stores (although I am not so good keeping up with this anymore), and I definitely shop sales and clearances. I also love the farmer's market when it is in season! We always keep a full pantry, freezer, and fridge. I grocery shop about twice a month for my husband and myself. I would say I spend about $150/month on our grocery bill.

    The only thing I don't really do is that I never plan out our menus. I rarely know what I'm making for dinner until that morning, sometimes 3 or 4 PM that day! I like to keep enough of a stock of basic pantry items, canned goods, fresh veggies, and meat, that we are always able to easily throw together a meal without having to run to the store. I keep items that I know we will use, and that can be used for lots of recipes (i.e. canned crushed tomatoes, or fresh bell peppers and onions, chicken breasts) on hand.
  8. I try to watch the sale fliers to see what is on sale and buy according to those, as well as use in store specials smartly. I don't use coupons, but that is because most of the things I buy are not prepared already, so the coupons don't really work for what I buy. Plus, I always buy the store brand of everything, which works out to be cheaper than a coupon at times.

    It is just me and a dog (he gets meat w/ his food at every meal) and I spend between $150-200 a month, which is for 99% of meals- b/c I take lunch everyday and rarely eat out. I don't think my expenses are too bad, but if I could gut them down to $125 or so a month it would be really great.
  9. I always check the unit prices of items, too. Sometimes I'm surprised at what things cost per unit compared to other brands.
  10. I do that too! Really interesting sometimes to see how things compare. Whenever possible (ie when I don't have a strong brand preference) I buy based on price per unit.
  11. I shop at Costco ;)
  12. I get to bring a lot of food/ ingredients home from work (mostly meat and produce), so that's a huge advantage budget-wise. A lot of the stuff is right at it's use-by date, so I make up meals and freeze them ahead, which saves time and money.

    I try to do all my shopping at one store and just buy things when they have them on sale, instead of shopping the sales at many different stores. The one store has a thing where once you spend a certain amount, you get gas coupons with every purchase. They let you stack them too, so you can get like $.70 off per gallon. That has been fantastic, because I spend more on gas than food in a typical month.

    Oh, and I NEVER shop when I'm hungry :P
  13. I shop in Jersey City now. There's a ShopRite not too far from the Pavionia Newport PATH station & I'm right by the PATH on the NYC side. They have great sales! I can spend $30 over there & come home with 4-5 bags of stuff. Or I can go to Whole Foods, spend $30 & walk away with a couple items. I'm thinking of getting one of those portable shopping cart things so I can stock up & bring more home at one time. Right now I bring a couple totes & am exhausted by the time I get home. I brought a turkey back when it was Thanksgiving!

    Tonight I'm making shredded pork in the crockpot. The butt roast was $4. A couple onions $1. BBQ sauce $2. Jiffy cornbread mix for muffins $0.50. Frozen green beans $1.50. Total for dinner will be $9 & we'll end up with leftovers. It smells really good (although it should - it's a 10 hour process).
  14. love this thread. i was wondering if anyone ever thought about the costs of cooking, boiling, baking, etc food. is it just cents for each meal, or is it at least a few dollars? sometimes i feel like grabbing wendy's on the way home is cheaper than firing up two of the stoves, the oven for half an hour, etc. what do you think?