Saving money

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  1. It's tough!

    Especially when you have girlfriends who love to splurge on everything. God, we can't go out to eat together without spending at least $30 per person!

    Gas for my V8 car is *expensive* especially because I have to use the middle-grade (I'm supposed to use the highest octane but I don't).

    I've actually started squirreling away CASH instead of depositing it in my bank account because then I don't really have access to it through my card. Isn't that sad?! LOL My savings is literally under my mattress! Whatever's in my bank account tends to go to bills!

    I take care of the important stuff: I always max out my Roth IRA and am about to open a regular IRA, I manage a few stray stock options for fun, but that's really about it. I don't have a lot of savings in my bank account.

    How do you save money? LOL, I think I really just need to find cheaper girlfriends to hang out with...
  2. Sounds to me like you are really money smart. IRA's and matress savings, totally good enough! I think you should splurge once in a while. Its good for ya! And you deserve it!!
  3. LOL I feel so pathetic for my mattress savings... if it goes into my bank account, it gets spent! Ah well, whatever works.....
  4. Smart people save money. You are smart so you can do this. You're not rich because you make a lot of money. You're rich because you don't spend as much as you make. So with that, take a percent of what you make and decide you are going to be rich and you are going to put aside for future investment, that percentage of money.Even if it's only 5 or 10%. Food is a waste of money. The social experience is fun but you don't have to eat your riches. Good luck.
  5. I hear you on the gas thing.. damned high compression engine, it even says right in the dash on my car that it takes premium fuel only just to remind you ! I've also done the squirreling away the cash thing, except I hide it in my sock drawer !

    Usually if I'm trying to save money, I eat out less.. but I find that saving money is not really all that good for me anyways, I figure the better solution is not CB (cut back) so much as MMM (make more money) ! ;)
  6. Hey,
    dont even feel bad. Look at it this way a mattress savings has no monthly fees, and it saves a trip to the bank when you need to make a deposit:nuts: ;)
  7. My dad has a car with a V12 engine and he puts in the cheapest gas. He saw some Dateline special that said there was virtually no difference in performance or long-term matinence whether or not you put in high octane gasoline. Maybe I should switch!
  8. I save money by buying more bags ;P Joking.

    I put any (which is actually not a lot) of my savings into a CD so if I decide to withdraw any money, I get penalized.
  9. When I need to save for something, I put it all in my savings account and put a date thing on it where I can't take out money until a certain date.
  10. I've always thought that it was because of the rate of combustion, and while the car will still run on lower octane gas, your milage will suffer and so will the overall power of the car. (more detail here

    I'm super wary about putting in cheaper gas into my car after seeing my roommate's baby Benz suffer with low octane gas, it was just guzzling it like crazy, but as soon as she ponied up for the more expensive (mid grade !) gas, it was so much more efficient !
  11. You gotta love a man like my father who will buy an expensive car and then refuse to put in anything but the cheapest gas! LOL We'll see if he has any problems in a couple years...
  12. Too funny ! Well, if he's ever in the market for another (kinda) higher end car, the Caddy CTS takes regular fuel ! :idea:
  13. What free or inexpensive activites do you girls do with your girlfriends?
  14. i am so bad at saving..i just get so tempted to buy things! so my bf saves for me! lol

    i like my money where i can see it...hanging in my closet! hehehe
  15. Sometimes, if there is really nothing we want to see in the movies, we just pop in a favorite DVD and hang out at my house...