Saving LV or use it right away

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  1. What is the longest you've kept a new LV without using it? Did you save it cause you weren't sure to keep it, didn't want to mess it up, or wanted to use the 1st time for a special occasion? Do any of you regret holding on to one without using it and was it worth the wait?:yes:
  2. Well, I saved my Mini Lin Dune for warmer weather and I'm happier! It's warmer now. All my other bags I used right away, except for the White MC Pochette, I saved until I went to see the opera Madame Butterfly (that was like a month), I then realized I LVOE it and should have used it sooner.

    The only bag I regret is the one I waited to use for a long time, my Viva Cite MM. I kept it in the box and dustbag because it was my very first LV and I was nervous to make the vachetta dirty. Now, every time I bring that bag out, I feel nervous about getting it dirty. I really should sell it, but I just can't bring myself to. So I bring it out every now and then, feel guilty and worry all day about the vachetta, then put it back in the dust bag. Its about four years old and looks new and STILL has the new LV smell.
  3. when i get a new lv i use it immediately! i always like new things better even if the old is better than the new one i still like NEW things.
  4. I have a bad habit of buying and not using things, so I've made a resolution to use things as soon as I get them. I'm not doing very well lately, though, as I have three new bags that I haven't used yet. I'll bring one of them out tomorrow and work on the other two ASAP.
  5. I have always used mine straight away ..... i don;t think i can wait
  6. All my LV, with the exception of one, I have used immediately, usually as soon as I can get it home and switch things out of my older bag :smile: I only had one, the L'Affriolant, that I kept for over a year before using it because like some others have said, I was afraid of messing it up. I would go open the bag all the time and just look at it....I'm such a dork!
  7. When I bought my first LV, I kept it in its dust bag and then picked my favorite day of the week to use it :P

    Now, everytime I buy new ones, I use it right away! :nuts:
  8. I haven't used my limelight yet b/c i"m waiting for a special occassion (night out on the town type of deal), but my DH and I have been soooo busy we haven't had a chance yet to do that.
  9. i use them right away. they're too pretty to be sitting in their dustbags hehe :smile:
  10. I don't have the patience, I always use everything staright away.
  11. I try to use them right away, unless its got vachetta and its snowy/rainy! I bought them to use them, right?:P
  12. i have like 14 lv's ive never used :shame:
  13. i'm def a "hold"er!!!!!

    i keep them in the bag or box or whatever.....for the longest time....yes, i do change my mind a lot!!!

    but it doesn't mean i return them often, i use them eventually, but no right away!!!
  14. I use them right away! Sometimes I even walk out of the store with it (and put my old purse in the box and shopping bag). I am so impatient! Can't wait ... :smile:
  15. I use my bags right away :P