Saving for your first Hermes Kelly/Birkin/bag

  1. With more than a few new members looking for advice on what to buy for their first Hermes bag and whether or not to take the plunge, maybe this is a good time to
    recall how we scrimp on other stuff to save for our Hermes? I think it's been done before but i couldn't find the thread to bump it, sorry.

    We all do it. Let's let them in on it! I'll start.

    I use my cell instead of a landline.
    I clip coupons for groceries.
    I get free extra napkins from McDonalds to keep in my car on trips for emergencies.
    I buy my designer duds at the end of the season when they are 50% off.
    I sell stuff i don't use anymore on eBay.
    I eat at home 99% of the time. This way i eat what i want for 75% less money.

    What do you do? How would you save for an Hermes bag if you didn't have one yet?
  2. no olive garden jokes please! :p but if you do like olive garden then please tell us all about it lol.
  3. This is the key. If I did this, I could really rack up the H! But alas, I am lazy and have no discipline:shame:
  4. I had to come face to face with my closet and sold a few bags that I loved, to get my Kelly, which I love even more:heart:
  5. ^^ good for you Jag! That is super, out with the old and in with the new! I may have to do that soon if i want to take the BIG leap i've been talking about, but i am gathering my courage! :sweatdrop:
  6. i only buy things that i absolutely LOVE. i'd rather have a few nice things, rather than many so-so things. i hate clutter so i don't really buy a lot of things like makeup, clothes, things for house, etc...and luckily and surprisingly, i don't go crazy over shoes. also, i'm not into expensive dinners.

    so, that leaves handbags (now only hermes) and a few jewelry items that i treasure.
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  7. HC: LOL!!!

    1. Only buy designer items when they are on sale.
    2. Sell on eBay.
    3. Cut down shopping on clothes & shoes.
  8. i also save the freebie makeup samples i get at saks and Neimans when i buy face products and use them up when i run out of the stuff i buy before i go buy again.
  9. Try putting all loose change in pickle jars.:p
  10. This is so smart KimMac!!
  11. i do need to declutter. if you don't see me after 2 days call the fashion police to dig me out!
  12. i read something today, it said "learn not to buy."
    boy that is hard. to know you want something and not buy it?
    maybe think how many bolides could i buy if i went without...(fill in the blank).
  13. I...

    1. AM THE COUPON QUEEN!!!! Yup, I have saved over $1k so far this year with my Super Stop & Shop card!!! Plus all those sunday news papers have a bunch of cupons in there
    2. Shop at sales
    3. Shop Ebay
    4. Sell what I don't use
    5. Save ALL my receipts and use them as tax deductions
    6. Eat breakfast at home to save on those super expensive prices at DD/Starbucks
    7. Bring lunch to work (ie.. sandwich/salad/vegetables in zoplock/crackers)
    8. I'm a California Kitchen/Chili's Fan!!!!
    9. Get gas while in NJ to save on these nasty NY prices
    10. Do my own dry cleaning
    11. Eat at home 98% of the time.

    I can keep going!
  14. I am super disciplined!
    - save all the extra change for that croc Birkin (you'd be surprised)
    - not cut down but stop shopping for clothes or bags
  15. That would be a good thread HC.:yes: