Saving For The Future

  1. Hi All,

    I have been an avid collector of handbags for many years now. Started with Burberry, Coach, Fendi, Louis and Gucci, but for the last two years only Chanels and Balenciagas. I have stopped buying Balenciagas late last year and promised myself to stick to Chanel (hence the name) as it was within my price range.

    However, since venturing onto the H side mainly purusing the posts of all the lovely members. I started to feel that maybe I should really stop buying 4 to 5 Chanels a year and save up my hard earned money for a Birkin.

    I'm really scared to think about this mainly because I feel that it is unattainable for me. Especially, waiting for such a purchase and also the rarerity of the item.

    Mind made up however, that I will start putting away my money and hold off making any other purchase except for an Hermes purchase and hopefully a 30 BLACK BIRKIN WITH GOLD HARDWARE in a not so distant future.

    Wish me luck everyone!!!!!
  2. GOOD LUCK, Chanella!! I did the same, bought my first Kelly after saving (it was probably a little easier for me, though, because I was heavily pregnant at the time, and didn't fit into any clothes, was home-bound and bed-ridden, and so found it a LOT easier to sock away the money to fund my first Kelly!).
    Let me say one thing - it is worth it. All the things you'll have to do without, all the times when you think "I'll just buy this one thing...." - lemmie tell you , NOTHING compares to buying your first Hermes!
  3. :yes::yes::yes: so true..good luck finding that dream bag Chanella !!!
  4. good luck, Chanella!
    i still remember how excited i was when i got my first birkin.....
    it worths the wait and money...
    you'll LOVE LOVE it~
  5. It is SO worth it.

    Take a picture of your dream bag... someone on this forum has one you want. Print the jpg!

    Put it in your closet, or wherever you keep your bags. SAVE. Look at your pic for inspiration when you need to.

    I have been so consumed, I haven't bought any other bags or accessories (other than replace a present from DH, a bag that broke with the same brand) but this is the great part...

    I haven't even wanted to! I mean, I haven't even looked at other brands! Thats how I know I'm ready. I have a collection that is slowly fading from view, brands that used to reel me in like a fish no longer call my name in the shoppe. SAs smile at me but get nowhere.

    I'm now a Hermes girl! :love:
  6. I did the exact same thing you are doing chanella. It's a different mindset when buying Hermes. More often than not, your wqishlist is longer than any reasonable perswon could obtain in their lifetime. You may go a whole year or more without buying a bag since there is noting coming out of Paris that you like...H bags are not cookie cutter.

    Whereas before you could obtain one or two Chanel every season and find something you like, with H, what you really like may take a year or two to obtain
  7. Good luck! It is worth it.
  8. Thanks so much ladies for the encouragement and support. I really appreciate it. Any tips on who to approach at Hermes Boutique in Sydney (Australia) would be wonderful.

    Again thanks ladies...LOVE YOU ALL....
  9. Best of luck and it's so wonderful when you finally save up the money and are able to buy that first H bag!!
  10. Yes I agree I have so many bags but going to buy an Hermes next, have denied myself long enough & spent so much on inferior bags!
  11. I can't save. I tried. Really, I did but I can't do it.

    So. I SOLD everything I didn't absolutely LOVE and took all the money to buy my first Hermes bag. And I haven't looked back. Don't even miss the bags I sold......Chanels (kept the Reissue though), LV's, Prada's...everything. GONE.
  12. It's great to have goals for future purchases and you will never regret spending your money on an Hermes bag. As a timeless classic you will get so much wear out of it, and so much peace of mind that you are accessorized with good taste that you will be happy to have spent the money!
  13. Ooh I know the feeling! I'm going through saving up the cash for my first Birkin right now! I won't have enough until July/August, and I've been waiting since the end of January...that is a LONG wait for me, since I've never had to wait this long for one item before! But it is completely worth it! I have zero interest in other bags and accessories now (short of my sunglasses, lol!) and any spare cash I get (while I could put it in the Birkin fund and get my bag much sooner) is used instead on purchasing lovely pieces of Hermes to put in my bag once I get it! :biggrin: Hey a girl needs her fix, lol! And I'm still selling bunches of stuff that I don't need/want to put towards the fund. Your goal isn't unattainable, trust me, even if it feels like it at first!!! ^_^
  14. Once you get your first H bag, you won't look back. I say sell a bunch of your Chanels while they're still worth something and go for it! Congrats on coming to the orange side!
  15. Welcome chanella! It is a wonderful feeling purchasing your first H bag...and this forum is a wealth of information. The other members are so very informative...but is definitely habit forming!! Best of luck!!