saving for something(s)... what shall it be???

  1. any ideas? i don't really *need* anything. here's what i have:

    saleya mm
    speedy 25
    petit noe
    mini pochette
    small agenda
    small cosmetics case

    i'm a mono fan. also, i am thinking of a jasmin, red or black (previously loved). a white mc wapity? carnet de bal? a cles? thoughts/suggestions? one big item or some smaller ones? i like to have focus & suggestions are greatly appreciated! *keep in mind i hoard- i have bags in the closet, inthe boxes, unused. i am *saving them for...???
  2. Hmmm... sounds like you need a wallet... I suggest a MC PTI. :yes:
  3. She needs something to dress up a bag,John, a keyring or something.
  4. what about a wallet??
  5. I would suggest a Wapity,or a Peite Noe, or a BH, or a Speedy 25
  6. I agree with John. You should get a wallet!

    How about:
    A Zippy Organizer
    French Wallet

    BTW, I saw the epi jasmin yesterday in black when I was in Los's so beautiful! :nuts: It looks great for going out...and I notice you don't have an epi, either...:graucho:
  7. ^ :smile: i have all of those- except for the wapity!
  8. i use my agenda as a wallet- and i do like it- although i have been thinking of a wallet...
  9. I was suggesting something different. ;)

  10. Oohh, I see, I see...hmm...I really LOVE the jasmin, though. ;) Why not get this and a wapity? :yes:
  11. bernz & john- i like the wallets you suggested, but i'm afraid of mc as a wallet b/c of the wear & tear in bags. however, i take really good care of my things, so... will the white mc really be an issue?
  12. ^I don't think it should be too much of a problem...I've only heard of problems with wear-and-tear occasionally. Then again, I don't own any MC...but if you take care of your things well, you should be fine. :smile:

    If you're really concerned, you can always consider black MC...that one has had fewer problems.
  13. i suggest a saleya! its TDF!
  14. POMME POMME POMME! a wallet inthat!
  15. I def think you should get a Jasmin! You will start hoarding Epi lol!