Saving for my purple East West

  1. Depite price increases the next bag i am buying is the purple east west bag. i have gone on a total ban to save, and it will be my reward for getting through this hellish 3rd semester of nursing school. I think about getting a used east west in another color but i really just want a new purple one so i am starting my savings fund for what i really want. :nuts:

    Wish me luck ladies!! its gonna take me alot of self dicipline.
  2. Good luck - but it will be well worth it!!!!
  3. Good luck! You'll definitely deserve it after your hard work! That bag is lovely~ my friend just got one and out of all the fall colors, the violet was the prettiest.
  4. good luck, bqueengirl! always good to see someone else in the medical field too.
    the violet east/west is really pretty. it will be worth the wait for sure!
  5. good luck bqueen!! you definitely deserve it and it will totally be worth the wait!
  6. Good luck! It will be so gorgeous, it will be worth the wait.
  7. ooooooooooo i want it now but so poor gotta save 200 a month :smile: