Saving for my first LV...which one should it be?!

  1. Hello All,
    I am very excited to say that I am ready to finally purchase my first LV. I have been able to save for really nice bags that I have been craving for a long time!! I am almost done saving up for my Hayden Harnett and next I want to own an LV.

    Here is where I need your *EXPERT* help.

    Which one do I get? I love the monogram but am drawn to the azur speedy. I would love to know your thoughts and what your first purchase was. Here are the ones I am looking at right now. It will take me about 6 weeks to save up so I have time, but I usually make up a motivational sheet to keep me focused on saving and I want to have a bag in mind. :p

    Damier Speedy 30


    Azur Speedy 30

    Any of the monogram bags!

    TIA!! :flowers:
  2. My very 1st LV was the BH.

    I have 2 Mini Lin Speedy's (Ebene and Dune) I really love that there is no Vachetta to worry about and you still get the LV logo.

    Once you buy your 1st LV you will not be able to stop at just one.

    Between the Damier Ebene and Damier Azur Speedy. I would probably go for the Azur. So light and pretty

  3. i wouldn't get a mono speedy...EVERYONE has it and you will just be one amoung the masses that have it The damier speedy is don't have to worry about anything with it i got in a bad thunderstorm and got soakng wet and i didn't even have to worry about getting it wet.
  4. Good for you princess! The speedy is such an iconic'll love it! I have a couple of Speedy's in both Ebone and Azur Damier as well as Epi. I'm not a big logo person so I don't have a Monogram. I prefer the subtleness of Damier. But what a tough choice!!!

    Azur is so striking! It looks fabulous with spring colors as well as winter whites, camels, etc. The downside is the vachetta that you'll have to watch. Ebone is vachetta-free and also looks great year-round. I got my Azur first since I bought it in the summer time (I orginally bought a 30 but it was too big...I've since sold it and gotten a 25), then I just recently got my Ebone two weeks ago.

    I guess I really didn't help you much did I? lol Which one will go with more of your wardrobe? Is the vachetta much of a concern for you? You really can't go wrong, they are both beautiful bags. But if you can only get one get the Azur, IMHO

  5. hmmm...can you find the Mini Lin Speedy's on eluxury? I really like them...I also love the Azur, it just looks so classy and seems like it would go with so many outfits. Do you think the same?

    btw your puppy is sooo cute!! Is it a Chihuahua? I have one as well...she is the best!
  6. Damier ebene ;) Especially since winter is coming soon!
  7. No No you DID help!! I love BIG bags and have tried on a 30 and LOVED it...I have been leaning toward the Azur but I knew I would have to check in with the experts before I made my final decision. I am a little confused on what vachetta is...could you fill me in?

  8. :love:Damier Ebene:love: for now ... save up some more and get azur later:graucho:
  9. My first LV was the Cabas Piano. I wanted a shoulder bag at that point and that one was perfect. I live the monogram but I also like the damier too. If your leaning toward damier then I would go for the ebene first seeing that fall/winter is coming and then maybe the azur for spring/summer? Its true you won't stop at one once you get your first, LOL!!!
  10. Oh how exciting! My first LV was a monogram speedy 25 and I also have the two you are considering. I love the ebene damier because it is soo classy and you will get so many more compliments on it than the monogram speedy. I love the azur because it is so different than the usual brown tones and not many people have it! But I saw you were also thinking about the mini lin ebene and I think that's definitely the one to get! I've only seen one or two people with it and it is so beautiful! Matches everything and is very chic. Good luck and enjoy your first LV purchase you will probably sleep with the bag at night! haha. :heart::tup:
  11. I am excited for you! YEA!!!! *jumping around* I love getting a new bag, and this is the first one for you!!

    I would get the damier speedy in ebony for your first one. It is very duarble and you don't have to worry about vanchetta. Then go from there, I promise it won't be your last one!

  12. HAHA I know I am so excited as well!!

    Someone else mentioned vanchetta...what is that exactly?
  13. My first LV was a speedy 30 and I still love it so much. It's a classy bag that'll last forever. I love damier, but I didn't buy speedy in damier because to me a speedy is a monogram speedy. I still get compliments on my 5 year old bag.
  14. Ooooooo I really like this:


    UH-OH I am going to get hooked FAST!
  15. The handles of the speedy are in light colored material that gains more and more color buy using it; it's kind of the signature of LV monogram bags. I like vachetta with a honey color, some like it more dark. But you have to be a bit careful with vachetta, especially when it doesn't have much color; rain can stain the vachetta if you don't wipe the rain drops.