Saving for long on average?

  1. I really like some of the LE models. For those of you who buy the LEs how long does it take for you to save for one? I think it could take me quite awhile!:crybaby:
  2. well it depends on your funds and how badly you want the bag. i save for my purse fund year round and then if i see a bag i really want, then i splurge
  3. If I really want it, I splurge. I just sold a Balenciaga to get funds to put towards my mirage. I didn't use the Balenciaga any longer, so I figured it was a good time to get rid of it.
  4. We all make different amounts of $$ so that is hard to say... Others just RACK up the cc's! We find a way to get what we want! LOL!
  5. depending on how much, a month or two.
  6. Just save and scrimp, if you aren't too frivoulous with your money perhaps a month or two?
  7. Since I'm in school right now it'd take me about 3-4 months to save up for any bag over $1500. During the summer, one month or less is sufficient because I work full time.