Saving for first LV

  1. Everybody wish me luck I am starting to save for my first LV(speedy 30)! Don't know how long it will take but I'll get there!
  2. Luck!!
  3. Good luck! It's a great bag!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. I had been saving and saving for my first LV too but finally got tired of the saving and bought a previously Better luck to you on your savings! Welcome to the group!
  5. speedy is a good starter!!
    good luck and have fun saving up!!! :smile:
  6. Good Luck .. speedy is a classic bag:heart:
  7. Good luck! I'm looking to get a speedy myself in the next few months
  8. Good luck and you will love that bag.
  9. Good luck! You'll know it was money well-earned and spent when you finally get it.
  10. good luck!!! your gonna love the speedy!!
  11. Good Luck. I love my speedy.
  12. Good Luck to you! I have been saving for my first LV purse too and my parents just said that they will be contributing to my LV fund so I can have my bag by Christmas!
    Do you have a saving plan in mind? I saved 20 bucks a week and added extra when I could!
  13. Just focus.....whenever you have the urge to buy something that you don't really need, just say to yourself, this is taking away from my LV fund!!! It will work and before you know it you will have your new speedy!!!! Good luck and make sure to post pics when you get it! :smile:
  14. The saving will be well worth it when you make the wonderful investment in your first LV! :flowers:
  15. Wish you all the best! Speedy is a wonderful bag! I use it 90% of the time!