Saving for first Chanel, advice needed

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  1. I'm thinking about getting my first Chanel. The bag I've always wanted is the M/L classic flap, and will definitely be adding one to my collection someday. However, I'm not sure if I should go for it as my first piece right now. I am in my last year of college with a part-time job. I'm trying to build a solid savings right now as well as buy bags on the side. At this rate, it would take a very long time to save up for the classic flap, so I'm not sure if doing so right now would be wise, though I would ideally like to get it before even more price increases.

    On the other hand, I've been thinking about putting the CF on hold and purchasing a WOC first (either regular or Boy), as it is something I'd also like in my collection, and it's more budget friendly at the moment. And in the future after I start working full-time, I could save up for the CF much faster. Do you think it would be better to go directly for the classic flap, or get a WOC first? TIA!
  2. As someone who saved for her Chanel , I'd say it depends on how long you can wait it out and if you can catch up to the price increase. I was initially saving for a WOC and then I ended up realizing that if I save a little bit more , I could get the flap and I could afford the wait :smile:
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  3. I would wait for a couple of reasons. You have many years to buy bags. I wouldn't buy any designer piece until I had funded my savings. You will feel so much better knowing you have that money put away when you get the bag.

    My second reason is that I have learned to always wait for the bag I truly want. Filler, interim, almost, make do bags never stay happily in my closet. I always end up getting what I wanted later and feeling frustrated that I have "this other bag" to deal with. A M/L will always be in style and be functional while the WOC won't be as attractive an option once the fashion pendulum swings back from mini bags to huge bags as it inevitably will.
    Good luck and congrats on being a smart saver!!!
  4. I agree with the previous poster and I would wait. After I finished college, I focused on paying off my student loans and then saving for my house. Now that I've bought my house (3 years ago with the hubby), have no other debt and have 1.5 years in emergency savings, I took the plunge and bought my first Chanel last month. I think I was thinking of owning a Chanel bag as like a milestone kind of a bag for achieving certain goals.
    I'm not saying you should wait as long as I did (I'm 32), but maybe set a goal for how much you want in your savings and then treat yourself when you get there! :biggrin: Oh, also you're young, so don't forget to start a Roth IRA or invest so you can keep buying bags in your 60s, 70s, 80s :cool:.

    I would also go with the bag that you really want, which seems like the medium flap.
  5. Thanks for everyone's responses :smile:.

    I agree that it should be a sort of reward for achievements. All of the few designer pieces I own so far were acquired after completing certain goals, and purchases like that are far more satisfying and meaningful. This should be the case with Chanel even more so due to the high price, but I'm also dreading that the increases will get out of hand. For now I think I will just wait and not worry about it, and maybe satisfy one or two (more reasonable, but definite) wants in the process :smile:.
  6. personally, I find the woc very useful n will last a lifetime and is useful for a lifetime. since it's a bag that u will eventually want to get, then get it now and have more use out of it. the more u use it, the longer u use it, the cost per wear is less.
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  7. Another important thing to consider would be what suits your lifestyle at this point in time.

    Much like you, I felt the M/L was something I wanted to own at some point in my life. And so when I saw it in a combination (caviar chevron) I really, really liked earlier this year, knowing that I may never find it again, I bit the bullet and went for it. However, I haven't actually used it that much and at the back of my mind I do wonder if I should have gone for the boy instead, because it's much more suited to my lifestyle at this point, and I probably would've been getting much more use out of it. I still love my M/L flap, but to be honest it might not have been the best decision at this point.

    Good luck with your decision!
  8. That's a good point, it seems very versatile and functional. I will definitely be giving it some more thought and doing some more research to decide for sure if I really want it. Same with all the other bags on my wishlist. Just because I want one bag the most doesn't mean that I can't also get others that I also really like :yes:.
  9. I actually think buying a woc is a good idea right now since you mentioned that you also want a woc in your life at some point. The woc is actually very functional and I usually find myself using it first if I need to dash out to run errands.
  10. I personally don't think that a Woc will ever go out of fashion. Especially if you take the classic looking one. And whether small bags are in or out of the fashion. As a woman you will always need that small bag that you can carry hands free when you are on a holiday or as a light summer fun bag. I'm into the hype of just owning 10 bags of different sizes and uses and a Woc is def a must on that list. You are also young so a Woc would def fit your lifestyle. I feel that a classic flap is something you can still rock later on in your life. I don't own a Chanel yet as I always thought that those bags were for " more mature" ladies and I started getting obsessed after I hit 30 so I ordered my first and it's a vintage maxi XL flap. My sister however was smarter than me and got her first jumbo flap when she was 23 and I feel so stupid for not doing that back than as they were half the price they are now. If you are planning to buy a brand new M/L flap bag and you see it at this point of your life, I'd say go for it. Those bags will only get more and more expensive. If you are planning to buy a vintage or a pre loved piece, than you can wait a little bit longer. Hope that makes sense. Just woke up and haven't finished my cup of coffee yet but I had to reply
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  11. I bought my first Chanel in March 2015 and I had the dilemma as you. In the end I went with the m/l flap as I managed to find one just before the price increase and I thought it's now or never. I bought a woc a few months afterwards preloved so I saved a little on that.
    I have to say I use my woc a lot more than I use my classic flap but I'm very happy to have both in my collection. I think you have to decide for yourself what you find the most important: having the bag before price increases even if you won't wear it a lot or a bag that you think you will use a lot at a more 'entry level' price.
  12. Sorry if my opinion is a rather conservative one, but before you pull the trigger on an expensive item, perhaps you might want to consider...

    - Do you have an emergency savings account set up yet? (funds that are sufficient to tide you over for 6 months or more in the event of an emergency which could prevent you from working and actively earning an income...)
    - Do you have any college debt / other debt that by paying off will put you in a better financial position?
    - If you're based in the US and do not have a retirement account set up yet, how about considering applying the funds for a Chanel bag towards setting up a retirement account first? The younger one is, the greater the compound interest that can be generated, which can really put you ahead of the retirement game! :smile:
  13. I say you should strongly consider buying a vintage or used m/l, since money is an issue or seems to be a factor here. You can find some good ones for the same price as a brand new WOC. I think it would be a great way to get exactly what you want in a friendlier budget. If you don't want to do that then I say wait like everyone else has suggested. I also heard that the WOC is really hard to get in the classic black color, so that may also be another strike against it in this case.
  14. I think you should wait for the bag that you truly want and don't buy some "fillers". I'm 22 years old university student and bought my first CHANEL piece when I was 18 years old. At that time I truly wanted the WOC in black caviar leather with silver hardware. When I saved up enough money to buy the WOC I travelled all the way to Germany to buy the WOC as I live in a country that doesn't have a CHANEL Boutique. Unfortunately, the CHANEL Boutique in Germany didn't have the combination that I wanted and because I didn't want to leave the boutique empty handed I bought the WOC in black lambskin leather with silver hardware. Years went by and I still couldn't stop thinking about the WOC in caviar leather and every time I wore the WOC in lambskin I would still think about getting the WOC in caviar leather. 2 years after I sold my WOC in lambskin and bought the caviar one but this time in gold hardware as the boutique didn't have one with silver hardware. Again I made the same mistake and bought a "filler". I still have the WOC in caviar with gold hardware and I know that someday I will buy the WOC in caviar leather with silver hardware to fulfill my dream bag collection. I also owned a CHANEL Flap Bag in caviar leather with silver hardware in the size small. When I bought this bag I was still very new to CHANEL and mistook the small one with the M/L one. I had this bag for two years and tried to convince myself that I should not sell it and buy the M/L one because I may needed my money for unsuspected situations but overtime I wore the bag I would think about the M/L one. But I convinced myself that I couldn't wait longer because the CHANEL prices will only increase, so I bought my holy grail bag, the CHANEL M/L Flap Bag in caviar leather with silver hardware, two days ago. The feeling you get when you buy your holy grail bag is amazing so my advice to you would be; Wait for the bag you truly want and buy it when the circumstances allow you to.
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  15. Have you considered buying pre-loved? There are many consignment websites where you can get authentic Chanels at (more) affordable prices. That way you could get your WOC and classic flap :graucho:.
    For bargains, you could try Ebay and Tradesy, but always have the bag authenticated first.
    If you can only have one Chanel, definitely go for the m/l classic flap.
    If you decide to buy a WOC, I'd recommend buying the classic quilted one (preferably caviar). It don't think that WOC will ever age.