~*Saving for a new RM? Come on in!*~

  1. The birdy lining is making it really easy for me to save money right now :p And the blue & white lining on all the used bags I'm seeing keeps me from pulling the trigger on those too.

    I have one MAM but no MABs so I have decided to wait/save for the right black or dark grey MAB with silver or gunmetal HW that's at the right price and/or in the right condition (if used).
  2. I'm trying to sell some bags to get my HG - Black Basketweave MAB with blue zipper track, for around $360 (hopefully)
  3. I am constantly saving for new RMs. :biggrin: Right now I'm loving all things old school and basketweave. I would love some royal/brown BW in my life.
  4. Ug there is a glazed brown MAB with candy cane lining that I have been eyeballing! However I have purchased 4 RM bags and 2 coachs in the last 2 months.... sad day for my CC. What is it about RM ever since my first MAB I am hooked! I am even thinking of selling my new coaches to get more RM!
  5. I am saving up for my next RM. I really want to try my luck at finding something cool at the next sample sale. I live near San Francisco, so hopefully the sample sale will be in May or June.
  6. After I received my first RM, it was love at first sight. My senses are so delighted, I think it would be shameful not to see what other joy I could discover. Right now, I have no official plan on how to save, but whether it's bit by bit or all at once, this love affair with RM handbags will continue for a very long time! :smile:
  7. I'm buying my first RM this week ( light gray Mattie with gold hardware). Is it bad I'm already shopping for my 2nd?! I would love an MAB or MAM but I haven't been able to find them in my budget. The End of Summer Sale is so tempting to pick up a Mini MAC. But two in a week?!
  8. Lol. No, It's not bad.... It's inevitable!!!!!
  9. Where are u buying ur Mattie?? Im looking for a brand new one in Gray, dark prefferably.

  10. I found mine on Poshmark. There aren't many Mattie's on there. There's one other that I've seen that's in good condition and it's violet. I had considered that one as well. I think I may have seen some gray ones on Bonanza.

    Now I'm on the fence if I want my next one to be a MAM or MAC ? Bonanza has a lot to choose from. I just have to find a color I like within my budget!
  11. What's your color preference and budget? ;)

  12. I'm looking for a bolder color. Like I said I bought the light gray Mattie and I just bought a Black Ikat MAC. So I'd like to find a used MAM in a color but not too bright. Purples, Reds, Greens, etc. I found a burgundy one on Bonanza I'm considering. I'm really open on colors. I'd like to try to stay around $250 or so. I could possibly go a bit higher in a couple weeks. But I just bought books for school :yucky: so I'm still recovering. Haha.
  13. I'll keep my eyes open for you. :smile:
  14. Found an Eggplant MAM on Gilt for $269!! :graucho: Couldn't pass it up!

    That's 3 this week. Pretty good start to my collection!!

    I love the Butter and may come back to it in a few weeks if still available.
  15. Yay!!! You got the MAM!! Congrats! Every Minkette needs one ...or twenty ;). Fabulous start to your collection! Can't wait for the reveals!