Saving for a new bag: Damier Speedy or Tikal PM?

  1. I have decided that I need a back-to-school bag since I received a good GTA position for the coming semester. So, after I get a few checks under my belt I'll make a trip to LV. Currently I am trying to decide between the Damier Speedy 25 and the Mono Tikal PM. They are two completely different bags, so I need some help deciding (even though the purchase is a few months away).

    I already have a Mono Speedy 25 and an Epi Mandarin Speedy 25. I love the Speedy, but it might be nice to have a shoulder bag, too, which is why I am considering the Tikal PM. I have the Mono Batignolles Horizontal, but it's awfully large. I also have the Mono Pochette and Musette Salsa. I've wanted the Damier Speedy for a long time, and it would be nice to not worry about vachetta. But, it would be Speedy #3. The shoulder bag (Tikal) is appealing because it's hands-free, but then there's the vachetta problem, and I already have four other Mono bags. So, it might be nice to have Damier for variety.

    Whew! So what do you think? Thanks!
  2. I saw the Tikal today in person at the store, as well as on a shopper when I was at work today. It's beautiful. I say go for the Tikal, if only because it is so different than what you already have, and sometimes you need a shoulder bag!
  3. I love the Speedy for some reason so that's where my vote goes!
  4. They are both beautiful bags but totally different. The question is, do you want a smaller shoulder bag or a bigger handheld bag? My vote is for speedy only because I think Tikal PM is overpriced.:sad:
  5. Damier speedy!!!! I love damier so yea my vote goes to the damier. Well damier is chic and casual, perfect for school. Tikal is more dressy and its smaller.
  6. I prefer the tikal. I'm tired of speedies.

  7. AGREED with elongreach....

    I also think that the Tikal bags are waaay overpriced for such tiny bags. *sigh*
  8. MS Practicality here says buy the Speedy. But I must tell you love the Tikal.
  9. I just got a Tikal PM and it is gorgeous and unique. The canvas is extra soft and the turnlock closure is super sweet. I think it will be a classic, so I'm glad it's my shoulder bag. One thing to keep in mind is that it is fairly petite, so though its boxy shape allows for clever arranging of things, you can only hold a limited number of objects inside -- wallet, ipod, phone, keys, lipstick, things of that size.
  10. I like Speedy, so I pick Speedy.
  11. That is a difficult choice, but speedy! The damier speedy is the most practical bag I've bought and the price made my husband really happy, lol
  12. totally picking the Damier Speedy!!! :love:
  13. I have to say damier speedy, no vachetta and goes with everything!
  14. I vote for Damier Speedy.:flowers:
  15. totally agree! plus the damier speedy is low maint. so it would be an easy bag for school....