SAVING - Enabling banned!

  1. OK Girls.....I'm saving for the NY trip (spending money)....please don't enable me until after April!!!!!!

  2. oh...........well NOW what will I do with myself.......:shrugs:
  3. I may need to post some photos of etoupe paired with pinks...
  4. LOL! Don't you think the more you need to be enabled so that you know what you want to acquire when you land in NYC? I think the best thing to do from now till then, is to have several things reserved for you, and then you swipe them all up when you hit the store. Sorry, I'm not following your orders :rolleyes:
  5. April??? Are you kidding? We are compulsive enablers here.

    You are in trouble, GF!
  6. Good Luck GF...If you need me I am here for support!
  7. GF, spending money....STINKS:yucky: ,...Just DON'T DO IT!:shocked: :boxing: :lol:

    Save it...New York is nice:love:
  8. I got some VEEEEEGAAAAmite:sad: ....not so sure that was so seductive.:push:
  9. Say NO, GF.....just SAY NO!

    (to the spending......not to the vegemite)
  10. Only 1 sure way to ensure your success:

  11. Bingo!!!^^
  12. Hey! Don't punish US!!
  13. Hey! a can of fishies here:graucho: .... if you save and come to's all yours!
    (I hope I did not say something "bad" in Australian, here),:sad:

    :nuts: but money, by the time you come there may be one of those big Hermes sales going on here! :yes:
  14. Shop for two?? Oh wait, you already have that covered :p !!

    Feeling any better S'MoM? Doctor prescribe some retail therapy or some anti-biotics?
  15. Mmmm, seriously - eating vegemite on toast for every meal will save much $$$ for spending in NY. :yes:
    Plus, every time you want to drop in to the Sydney store, picture the huge NY version with 5 floors of temptations:love: ...And then picture how happy you'll be with all the money you've saved to spend there.... on all those fabulous variations and colours of H goodies you'd never seen at home. :drool: