Saving economy one bag at a time

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  1. I was wondering how do we, readers of this forum and bagaholics (yes we are, do not deny it) handle current economic turbulence and still manage to purchase all the wonderful bags that we need (ok, maybe not need, but want). Do you find yourself cutting down on other expenses such as clothes, groceries, entertainment, eating out, vocations? Or do you sell more of your collection to finance new purchases? How does your family deal with the bag "addiction" :biggrin:? Do you feel guilty buying new and expensive bag knowing that you could have saved the money and invested it or paid some other bills? Or do you feel that buying a new handbag contributes to us, tPFers stimulating economy (I know I do feel that way).
    Post your thoughts if interested, it would be fun to see how other tPFer are feeling about this.
  2. I think there are some threads that are similar to this, but my answer is that I have actually started saving up for my purchases rather than just plunking down a smokin' hot credit card on the counter. That means, I have cut down my purchases considerably, but paying by cash does help me in my impulse buying, so I think it's better in the long run.