Saving color and font settings?

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  1. Is there a way to save my favourite color and font for posting messages or do I have to re-select it for each post?

    I just looked through my Control Panel but didn't find any option like that :shame:

    Thank you for any help :flowers:
  2. I am afraid there is no such option. :idea:
  3. phew, I can stop looking then :P Danke schön!
  4. Set the color and font you want, then copy and paste them to Notepad or something similar. When you want to post, Copy from Notepad & Paste into the reply box.
    That's about the only way. In some browsers, you can save some settings internally and apply them at will, but it's a browser thing, not specific to this board.
  5. ^Thank you! That's a great idea for working on the desktop/laptop! I definitely will try that there.

    I'm mostly accessing tPF via iPhone though and on there it's just to complicated for me to bother changing it :P
  6. I know how to change font colors in a post but is there a way I can keep it a certain color without having to change the color in EVERY single post?? Looked in the control panels but I wasn't able to figure it out. TIA!!
  7. See posts 2 & 4 above :flowers:

    Basically, no, there is no method to save it in your Control Panel, but you can use the method I outlined as a shortcut.
  8. Ahh!! Thanks a bunch a bunch!!

  9. :nogood: