Saved pic's

  1. Do you save pic's from the forum?

    I'm just sorting through all my lv's pic's.. love to keep them as a reference. Not only for the style for later years but also visuals. Its not to see what bags look like on others.
    Anyway.. as it turns out I have 979 mb of bag pic's and none of that is my bags, they are an entirely different folder :smile:
  2. I have them saved- but in folders on

    It's pretty amazing looking back
  3. I love looking back at LV photos.
  4. i keep all my photos in photobucket, but i don't look at them very often, because the first thing that goes through my head when i look at them is I spent that much?!:wtf::lol:
  5. me too...and i look and look at it everyday...and wonder when am i going to hav all theseeeeeeeeee.......
  6. I admire you guys organizations abilities! wow! I just bookmark a picture under my favorites if it's a bag I think I like and want to get. I'll go to the visuals thread and bookmark someone modeling it and then look at it that way. I usually delete them though eventually.
  7. Me too. Photobucket is a great way to organize them.
  8. well after doing a little more cleaning i'm down to 958mbs... LOL
  9. I agree, I have folders on the pc .. Ie mono, Mc, vernis and so on...
  10. yep I've got loads of pics saved on my computer, my purseforum folder is 300MB it hold 16 files and loads of loose pics