Saved from buying a fake.

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  1. I have been saved from buying a fake Balenciaga first. Thanks to TPF and the ladies on the reference library. I saw it yesterday in a second hand, vintage, designer dress agency. I nearly bought it on the spot like i did with a Chloe paddy that turned out to be fake. But something stopped me (common sense stepping in!!) and i thought no, i will go home and check TPF first and check up on how to spot a fake and suchlike. Anyhoo i went back down there today armed with my new knowledge picked it up looked at the silver tag on the leather label put it back and walked out, yep its a fake, the stitching at the top of the label was the same colour as the rest of the stitching and not black. I don't know if theres a possibility it might be real based on that but i didn't bother to look at the rest of the things i knew to look out for, that small detail straight away put me off. Also the bag didn't feel like quality nor did the leather look as gorgeous as it does on your authentic bags. So thank you ladies of TPF :tpfrox:
  2. Glad you didn't get sucked in buying a fake! Yes, the girls on this forum ROCK! They are so smart and helpful and you learn so much on here!! I know I have!
  3. I'm so glad that you checked tPF before buying!!
  4. I am happy that you went home and educated yourself, that´s what this forum is all about. Education and help!! It is such a great place, and lovely ladies helping you!!

  5. Some of us (not me, I'm not such an expert!) are really amazing in their great Balenciaga culture!!!
  6. Good for you, littleblackbag!!!:tup: There is nothing worse than paying good $$$ for a designer bag only to find out later it's a counterfeit!
  7. Good for checking, Glad you didnt buy it when you first saw it.
  8. Hooray for Common sense!Glad you didn't buy it!
  9. Good girl...there are sooo many fakes out there that one has to be SOOOO careful!
  10. Aren't we all thankful to those contributor to the authenticate thread? I can't thank them enough. Thank you again.
  11. good for you!! i've been saved myself countless times and so grateful for it!! this forum is full of knowledge!!
  12. Great! When I arrived to the forum and see the authenticate section I was so happy, finally I could buy a Bbag through Ebay.
  13. Littleblack bag..yes, I think a lot of we Newbies here owe our good bag-buys to the ladies and gents here.:tup: