Save $$$ when you BUY on eBay. :D

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  1. Hey Gals, DO NOT MISS THIS! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:

    If you signup for an account and go through the following site to eBay, you'll be credited either 36% or 20% of the seller's auction fees whenever you make a purchase. :graucho: Plus, you'll earn a little extra for any referrals you make. :drool:

    Please use my referral link since you'll be assigned a random referrer otherwise. Thanks a lot! :heart:

    Since a lot of us like to buy bags on eBay that cost a lot!! :wtf: Just thought I'd pass along an easy way to save money when you make purchases on eBay (and other sites). :love:

    *referral link removed.
  2. I already posted this a couple weeks ago.
  3. this isn't allowed. Allison's thread was removd and this link will be removed as well.
    Vlad and Megs don't permit these posts.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.