save up for one big purchase or get a few things instead?

  1. by the time i am finished saving up for my annual nyc trip and splurge in december, i will have accumulated somewhere around $2600. now, i don't know if i should cross off a few things on my list like the ebene mini lin bucket i've wanted so long plus a le precieux, or if i should go for the biggie and get a suhali lockit pm. if i go the first route i might have a little left over to get something small. OR, should i get 1 thing and then wait until azur hampstead comes out in january?? i will also be getting the bordeaux mirage speedy for my birthday. i'm just not sure if i want 2 big awesome items, or strike off a few that i've been wanting? i'm having to sell a bag i don't really want to part with to do this, but if i don't use it enough i don't see a reason in keeping it :sad:
  2. ooooooooo tough choice! but i would go for the suhali lockit!- that bag is TDF!
  3. ^^ i know. lol i just don't know what to do. part of me has issues spending that much on one item but i tried it on on wednesday for the first time and it really was just so cute! :cursing:
  4. i'm in the same boat as you right now. i could go and buy my rosewood in amarante and damier pap 30 this week or wait till next month and buy the stratus pm. i am still as confused as ever. :smile: sorry i'm not much help!
  5. I'd go for the second route and get the suhali lockit pm. It's gorg! good luck on your decision...
  6. The hampstead is permanent though right? So get the Mirage, Le precieux and Mini Lin and get the Hampstead around may/june (the time when it should be used most) and get the suhali anytime after that, of course you might have to wait longer but you will have a taste of suhali with the le precieux and the lockit isn't going anywhere! :smile:
  7. Sorry vuittonamour for off topic --

    Makeupmama: go for the Damier Pap30 and Rosewood!
  8. Ah! i know! so many things to get!! lol
  9. I choose the suhali lockit!
  10. I'd save for the big purchase :yes:
  11. Get the suhali. It's tdf!!!
  12. i guess i will make the decision then. i don't know if i want the lockit in white or verone because i want a le fab EVENTUALLY and i want it in one of those colors. i really think the gray looks so pretty with all the gold hardware.
  13. get the suhali!
  14. what do you guys think is prettier? a white le fab or a gray le fab? which ever color i decide for that bag will be the deciding factor for my suhali lockit!
  15. save up for biggie