save up for mini ribera, or get my ludlow now?

  1. Save and buy later?
    Splurge now & later?

    Scenerio # 1: Get Pomme Ludlow as planned, and use it in your new little stam! (yes I know, I cheated! I'm so bad.)

    Scenerio #2: Mini Ribera, get it first, and then get Pomme ludlow and in the meantime use your new envelope plate as a wallet.

    Okay, its not exactly saving up, its more like waiting till I feel less guilty! LOL! So what should I do?

    Oh.. and how should the azur pochette come into this? I was thinking of getting one to wear cross body before my trip in the endish of april..
  2. hhmmm... that's tough!! if the pomme isnt a limited edition, i would get the mini ribera first. but if it is then you might not be lucky to get a pomme later.
  3. Mini Ribera first since you have something in Pomme to hold you over. I love the Mini Ribera, so classic and it looks great with jeans or work attire esp skirts and jackets.
  4. well if you're going to use the pomme flat pouch as a wallet then you can wait on the ludlow (since you can't use both FP and ludlow as a wallet) and buy the ribera.

    I would probably get the azur pochette first and long strap to have for your trip at the end of the ribera in the fall and get the pomme ludlow for Christmas..LOL..if you can wait that long...if not, do it in that order anyway!
  5. I think you should go with the Mini Ribera first. ;)
  6. mini ribera! You might regret it if you don't wait!
  7. I love mini Ribera. Check Let-trade for it as they had a few some months back.
  8. Mini Ribera! The ludlow wouldn't have quite the "new" purchase feeling so close on the heels of the Pomme fp- KWIM?
  9. I would get the pomme ludlow. If you really want it, get it now, since it's not going to be around forever. Mini Ribera on the other hand will be. And pomme ludlow will be so perfect for your Azur pochette!:graucho: Get them both now!
  10. ITA. i use my pomme ludlow inside my azur pochette and they go well together. :yes:
  11. both sides have valid points!
  12. ludlow. pomme is limited!
  13. Get the ribera mini first. It's much more useful than a ludlow.
  14. Scenerio # 1: Get Pomme Ludlow as planned, and use it in your new little stam!
  15. I would get a mini ribera first.