Save the world, save the cheerleader -- 3 Cheers for Katie in costume!!

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  1. Ra-Ra-Ra shish-cum-ba!! 3 Cheers for Katie the cheerleader!!

    Torture? I don't think so... Katie, who will be 6 months old on Halloween, adores the attention she gets when I put her cheerleader shirt on. Ha! She didn't want me to take it off -- although, she still wants to eat the pom-poms.

    Here are some of the pics I snapped of my little cheerleader:
    sm_DSCF4474.jpg sm_DSCF4482.jpg sm_DSCF4483.jpg

    sm_DSCF4499.jpg sm_DSCF4502.jpg
  2. How cute!
  3. Adorable :love:
  4. So cute
  5. Adorable!
  6. Thank you!

    I can't wait to snap a few more tonight when she helps hand out candy to the little trick 'o treaters. And for the life of me I can't get her to hold still near the jack o lantern. Hope to add a few more pictures tomorrow!
  7. How fun!
  8. Awwwww! Adorable!
  9. aw!cute ^___^
  10. that's adorable!
  11. awesome pics, so cute.
  12. OMG she grew up fast!! It seems like she has been the little yellow fluff ball in your avatar forever! Gorgeous and super sweet looking pup.
  13. ^ Aww, I know. Everyone here wasn't kidding when they say pups grow up so fast. I blinked and now she's over 40lbs! She's so comical though.. dog body.. but still puppy brains. Might be time to update my avatar.
  14. Sooo cute!
  15. Oh my gosh, adorable!