save the date...NAP 2nd markdowns starts 12/24

  1. sale items will be marked down even more starting Monday, December 24...
  2. im sorry but what is NAP?
  3. net-a-porter :smile:
  4. Yay!!! Thanks for the info!!!
  5. Thanks, Grechen! :tup:
  6. oops! sorry for not spelling it out....i got lazy.
  7. I wish they would add new items to their sale...all the shoes I want that are on sale are already sold out in my size :sad:
  8. Thanks for posting!!
  9. Awesome, thanks!
  10. Great news - thanks, Gretchen!
  11. thank you for the post!
  12. they are going to be adding some new items also...don't know about more sizes though.
  13. thanks for the info! (i reeeeally hope my internet won't be down that day) any free shipping offers we could use next week, by the way?
  14. Yay, I hope that this sale will be better than the previous ones.

    I also hope that a free shipping code will surface! :nuts:
  15. i wish they would offer another free shipping code...but no info about that this time around...sorry!